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Botafogo’s owner reported to Brazilian Federal Police over claims of match-fixing

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The Brazilian senator Jorge Kajuru requested that the federal police investigate John Textor the owner of the football club Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas after Textor made allegations about match-fixing against Sao Paulo’s and Palmeiras’ football teams.

Kajuru, a Senator for Goias in Brazil, confirmed this report yesterday during the senate’s plenary session. Kajuru, a senator for the Brazilian state of Goias, confirmed the report during a senate plenary meeting yesterday (2 April).

Kajuru explained Textor’s accusations during the meeting. Textor claimed that Palmeiras had paid bribes to five Sao Paulo players in relation to the Brazilian Championship Series A match, which Palmeiras won 5-0. He claimed that he had evidence supporting this.

Kajuru said that Textor had told him a month earlier that he had an audio recording of a ref who had taken bribes.

Kajuru stated that he sent his claims to Andrei Rodrigues the director of federal police and asked for the federal to summon Textor in 24 hours. Textor was also asked to bring any and all evidence or recordings that could support his claim.

Kajuru said during the meeting that if the player didn’t provide the recording and evidence, then he should be arrested tomorrow in a cell with handcuffs. Kajuru said that this was a hugely irresponsible act, as it is not only Brazilian football but also the greatest passion of this nation.

If the accusations are true, he said Textor should be “applauded” or “respected”. If the allegations are false, Textor must be expelled from Brazil and arrested, never to return.

The integrity of betting is no longer sufficient

Kajuru also took this opportunity to stress the importance of implementing the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission on Sports Betting (CPI), an initiative that was introduced in December, as quickly as possible. He requested it to begin “next” week.

CPI Sports Betting has been established in order to examine allegations of match fixing in Brazilian sports, including players, managers, and betting operators. The CPI would be composed of eleven senators who are currently in office and seven alternates.

This group will last 180 days and be led by Senator Romario De Souza Faria.

Plenary members reacted positively to the decision of Textor being reported. Senator Eduardo Girao expressed his support for Kajuru and said that there was more to do to stop match-fixing, betting integrity.

Girao said that “what is going on with gambling is not enough.” We were careful at the Commission. You accepted the amendments, and we did our best to protect the fans against a tragic event or debt.

Girao emphasized the seriousness of Textor’s allegations by suggesting this could not wait to be presented before the CPI for Sports Betting.

Girao added, “This issue is so serious that we cannot wait to hear from the CPI.” Congratulations on your declaration, and you can count on my full support for this document in the Federal Police.

Brazil’s igaming law and sports betting laws are just beginning to take hold

Textor made the allegations that match fixing was taking place after Brazil’s President, Luiz inacio Lula Da Silva, signed Bill 362 in December, which legalised sports betting, igaming, and other forms of gambling in Brazil.

This bill requires operators to pay only 12% of gross gaming revenues (GGR). That’s a significant reduction from the 18% previously decided.

The Brazilian chamber of Deputies approved the bill on December 21, reintroducing igaming, which had been removed previously. Brazilian Ministry of Finance required that interested licensees submit an expression of interest by the 26th of November of last year.

To the fury of industry, the vote on the bill has been repeatedly delayed.

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