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OpenBet and Amazon partner to create a new geolocation service

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OpenBet, a provider of betting content and services has announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services. AWS is based in the conglomerate Amazon. The two companies have launched a geolocation service.

OpenBet Locator, a solution with low latencies built upon the Amazon Web Services backbone. The first market to be targeted is North America.

OpenBet claims that the OpenBet solution allows its partners to monitor, locate and promote their clients. OpenBet says that this will allow them to operate within local laws.

The features include fraud prevention tools, player targeting, and geofence and location management for managing customer relationships, data analytics, and promotions at venues.

OpenBet’s CEO Jordan Levin stated that introducing OpenBet Locator was an exciting decision for the company. It takes our modular offering to a whole new level. We have created a powerful proposition using AWS and our own technology. It can be customized to suit unique business requirements.

As a global pioneer in the sports betting industry for more than 25 years, our team has a deep understanding of challenges and opportunities that operators encounter within highly-regulated markets. OpenBet Locator, a compliant geolocation system that is reliable and scalable to meet the needs of operators.

OpenBet builds on Neccton purchase

OpenBet has been developing its protection and compliance offerings for some time now. Since it purchased Neccton, in June 2023, this has grown and expanded.

Neccton is focused on technology that focuses gambling responsibly, fights money laundering and detects fraud. The financial terms of the agreement aren’t available.

OpenBet has expanded its regulatory reach in all regions of the globe since the transaction. It has been able to collaborate with multiple brands in compliance matters.

In April Dr Michael Auer spoke with iGB on the importance of accurate data in enhancing player protection strategies. OpenBet has also been able to integrate a wide range of tools for player protection into their product suite, according to Auer.

OpenBet: What’s next?

Silver Lake, a technology-investment company, has agreed to buy OpenBet’s owner Endeavor. The deal, struck last month, is worth $13.00bn (PS10.41bn/EUR12.18bn).

Silver Lake, if the transaction is completed, will own 100% of Endeavor’s outstanding shares. The exception is rolled-in interests.

Total value of the deal is $25bn, combining the $13bn equity and the TKO total value.

Endeavor announced a review of its strategic plan in October. The purpose of the review was to determine the feasibility of taking Endeavor private. Silver Lake was interested in buying Endeavor at that time.

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