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Casinos and gambling are on the road to ICE 2020.

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The casino and gaming industry has had a great year, with many talking points about ICE 2024. We take a look at some of the most important US stories of 2018.

Battles between tribes for casino and gambling

The United States (US) has seen a major fight over sovereignty this year.

It is possible that tribal nations have escaped a bullet when it comes attacks against their sovereignty. Recent court decisions should encourage them.

Tribal casinos and gambling are still a concern for many tribes, mainly because of the state governments’ desire to gain more control and the court system.


Tribal gaming is in good health. In its annual report, the National Indian Gaming Commission shows that revenues will increase by 4.9% in 2022 to reach $40. This $1.9 billion increase is the largest ever.

But despite this success, some tribal leaders are still on guard as commercial interests and politicians try to take a share of that revenue. It can be done through the state or federal governments.

Florida Seminole Tribe – A big Win

In Florida, a major gaming and casino win was also made. Seminole Tribe and State of Florida agreed to statewide mobile betting, creating an effective tribal monopoly.

Florida has certainly been one of this year’s most notable stories. After a long legal fight, the US Supreme Court denied West Flagler’s request to remain in Florida. The Seminoles were able to start their campaign after the court’s decision.

seminole tribe celebrates major win with hard rock bet

The gaming compact, which has been called a historic win, was approved more than two years ago. The District of Colombia ruled that the Seminole Tribe’s gaming compact violated the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in December 2021.

The ruling was made after West Flagler, Bonita Fort Myers and other parties filed a lawsuit. This suit challenged the legality of offering state-wide online sports betting through servers located on tribal lands.

The DC District Court of Appeals reversed the ruling in June 2023. The Seminoles were once more given free rein in Florida.

West Flagler fought back and forth with various legal entities. West Flagler requested a hearing in August for the lost case against Debra haaland, the secretary of interior.

The US Supreme Court’s denial of West Flagler’s request to remain in Florida finally resolved the issue. The Seminoles were then able to take off after the US Supreme Court denied West Flagler’s motion.

Las Vegas casino and gaming records all new highs

This year, “Viva Las Vegas”, has never rung more true. US commercial gambling is on track for another record-breaking year. In Q3 of 2023, a total of $16.17bn in revenue was recorded. A large portion of this is attributed to the casino.

The American Gaming Association’s (AGA’s) figures for the quarter ending 30 September indicate that US gambling revenues are up by 6.1% on an annual basis.

The casino and gaming industry’s best-ever third quarter revenue was recorded in the latest quarter.

Nevada was one of the most notable states, with a 2.9% increase in gaming revenues year on year, totaling $3.88bn.

LAS VEGAS on upward trajectory

This surge in gambling was fueled by the record-breaking quarter for casinos on the Strip (Q3) ($741.2m). This period saw Nevada’s highest ever baccarat handling: $458.4m. That was a 50% increase on the previous year.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, also had its best month ever in terms of gambling revenues, with a total year-to date revenue exceeding $2.4 billion.

The US casino and gaming industry is predicted to grow throughout the year 2024. If Las Vegas visits are any indication, then we’re on a positive trend.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority released preliminary estimates in July, showing that the city will attract 3.41 million foreign visitors by 2022.

The increase is 162% over the 1,3 million people in 2021, and the 1,14 million that were recorded in 2010.

Although not back to pre Covid levels yet, 60% of the 5,6 million visitors from abroad who visited the city in 2019, prior to the Pandemic have returned.

This is a huge improvement over 2021 when just 23% of Las Vegas tourists came from abroad.

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