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Emily Asava: TVBET capitalising on inconsistent African gambling landscape

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The gambling industry is not shy about jumping on the trend of predicting the next big thing.

TVBET, for example, is extremely optimistic about its prospects in the African continent.

The interview with CasinoBeats and Emily Asava and TVBET Business Development Manager for Africa assesses how the company is currently doing in Africa. It also discusses key obstacles to success and which nations have the best prospects.

CasinoBeats : Thank you for inviting the team today. Could you first give us an overview of the gambling ecosystem in Africa?

Hello SBC Team! Emily Asava I’m happy to speak to you once again.

We can say with confidence that when it comes to gambling in Africa players prefer mobile gaming to playing at land-based locations.

Mobile internet has become a popular option in this region. There is no longer time for many players to visit traditional casinos. The lack of game choices, strict dress codes and other factors that are disliked also contribute to the shift.

Gambling is not popular in all countries in Africa. South Africa is the biggest gambling hub in the world, accounting for 40-50 percent of all gambling revenues. South Africa’s National Gambling Board estimates that the gambling industry in South Africa generates approximately ZAR30bn ($2.1bn).

Nigeria is the second largest gambling market on the continent, with a rapidly expanding online gambling industry. Kenya, Ghana and Uganda are also prominent in the African gambling market. Kenya, for example, boasts a gambling industry worth around KES200bn ($1.8bn), driven mainly by mobile sports betting.

CB What would you say about TVBET in the current region?

EA We are confident about Africa. Especially in the regions of South Africa Kenya and Nigeria. We recognise that there is still a lot of room for growth and development, so we are working hard to achieve these goals.

In these areas, our players show a great interest in TV games. The live games combine the thrill of gambling with traditional lotteries.

The gaming community has been captivated by this unique combination, which attracted a lot of attention. We are committed to expanding and improving these products to better meet the needs of our African audience.

CB Which of the following would you consider the most important challenges/hurdles to overcome in order for the various jurisdictions on the continent to be successful?

EA : The biggest challenge is to know all of the regulations and ways of gaining access to the markets in Africa. With the help of good attorneys and specialists in their fields, it will be easy to overcome these challenges.

It’s also important to keep an eye on regulatory changes and always be aware of the latest developments. Some regions are opening their markets, while others have tightened up the laws. You must therefore always stay informed and keep up with the latest news. This is not a problem, I think, for people who are passionate about their work and those with the ambition to grow here.

Do you think that the players are showing a preference for a certain type of games? What are they and how can TVBET capitalize on them?

EA We are confident that Africans enjoy our lotteries, KENO WheelBet 7Bet Lucky6 etc. We offer a wide range of games that combine classic rules and betting options to appeal to traditional gamblers as well as sports bettors.

As part of our continuous development, we constantly enhance the interface and gameplay of our games while adding new positions. We recently introduced a brand new version of KENO called Fast Keno.

This game is unique because it has a short time between draws. It allows players to bet more often and engage in more frequent play. The rules are classic and remain the same despite the rapid pace. This eliminates the need to learn the game all over again.

What are the most promising regions in the entire region according to you? What should be the focus of industry attention?

EA – Several African regions could be highlighted for their gambling. South Africa and Nigeria are two of the top gambling regions in Africa. South Africa is the largest gambling market on the continent. The country’s gaming sector generates approximately ZAR30bn ($2.1bn).

In recent years, online casinos have seen a dramatic increase in popularity in this thriving sector. The gambling industry in the country is diverse, with casinos, bets, machines that pay out limited amounts, bingo and other forms. This has contributed to the strong market position of this nation within Africa.

Nigeria is a close second to South Africa in terms of the igaming industry, which has been rapidly expanding. Nigeria, the largest economy on the continent, has a growing interest in gaming due to the fact that its population is able to gamble.

In Nigeria, the gambling industry operates according to the National Lottery Act of 2006. The National Lottery Act of 2005 is the legal framework that governs all gambling activities in Nigeria. It ensures compliance with specified standards and regulations across the entire industry. Mobile technology also has a significant impact on the development of online gambling platforms in Nigeria, reflecting its evolving gambling landscape.

These aren’t the only places where igaming can be developed. Ghana, Kenya and Uganda are also worth considering. As in every other region, it’s always a waiting game for new countries to regulate gambling. This means more opportunities for suppliers and operators of igaming.

CBC How can TVBET be expected to perform in Africa by 2024?

EA : Development and growth! The African market is of interest to us, as we believe it has great potential. We continue looking for partners in Africa because we understand how to satisfy the players.

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