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Andrzej Hla: Latin America is a hotbed for development

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Andrzej Hila, Wazdan’s Chief Commercial Officer, took the newest edition of SBC Leaders on a journey through Latin America, outlining the possibilities.

SBC Leaders – Why Latin America has been a major focus of Wazdan in the past few years?

Andrzej hyla: Wazdan’s journey in Latin America started in Colombia, in 2020. It has been remarkable. Our progress has been significant, with deals signed with Tier 1 operators and the successful implementation of our cutting-edge gaming solutions. We’ve focused on LatAm operators, aggregators and other companies in the region because it is an area of rapid development.

We are excited to see the growth in this region and we remain committed to pursuing high-value partnership with operators of the growing igaming industry. Colombia’s solid regulatory structure was the natural focus of our expansion. We look forward to the chance of expanding our successful network in the region.

We are thrilled that we have been nominated in two categories for the SBC Latinoamerica Award 2023. These include Rising Stars in Casino, and Casino & IGaming Provider of the Year. The nominations reflect our commitment to providing players with cutting-edge casino experiences and innovative solutions.

What are your plans to leverage the success you have had in Europe to grow Latin America?

AH We are closely monitoring regulatory changes across different markets. We must adapt and stay on top of new regulations. The prospect of expanding in new markets such as Brazil is particularly exciting. We are unwavering in our determination to increase our presence on these new territories.

Innovation and quality have been the foundation of our success in Europe. Since more than 10 year, we’ve been providing the market with top-notch games. We have 180+ titles in our portfolio that are available across 1,500 brands and more than 25 countries. This ethos will be continued in Latin America.

We aren’t just focused on game content. The igaming industry is changing rapidly and we know that player engagement extends beyond great games. We constantly improve and develop our promo tools. A prominent Jackpot Rain has recently joined Wazdan’s pantheon. It joins Mystery Drop, Cash Drop and other promotional tools.

SBCL Promos and campaigns are popular ways to attract new players, but what is the best way to localise them to suit different markets?

AH Promotions can be a powerful tool to engage new players, and increase retention. The localisation of these games is crucial to ensure that they are appealing to a wide range of audiences. Wazdan approaches this challenge by combining strategic finesse with cultural sensitivity.

It is important to understand that every market has its own unique features and preferences. To begin, we conduct in-depth market research to understand the specifics of our target audience. Our campaigns are built on this insight.

The importance of regulatory compliance is also not to be underestimated. The legality of the campaign and its credibility are ensured by adhering to local laws. The evolving landscape of gaming regulations requires constant vigilance.

These steps allow us to offer a series of well-received network promotions using our Mystery Drop. In this year, casino operators were invited to participate in a series of network promotions that totaled EUR4,000,000. Wazdan will cover the entire prize pool for three exciting promotions in 2023’s last quarter: Mystery Fall, HalloWIN Drop, and Xmas Drop.

Tell us more about the games you play that are extremely light. What new betting options will you offer to LatAm players?

AH Our titles are extremely lightweight and combine our unique style and elegance with high-performance features, resulting in significantly faster loading times.

This collection was designed to offer a mobile gaming experience that is optimized. Our games can be accessed by players without having to worry about battery life or excessive data usage. The move allows casino operators to reach markets that have lower-end mobile devices and less developed internet infrastructures.

Our players are at the center of our attention, and we make sure that they can still enjoy all of our features. These games also stand out in today’s igaming industry, giving operators the opportunity to offer their players a new and exciting experience.

In our extremely lightweight collection, you will find new versions of some of the most popular slots such as Burning Sun (also known as Hot Slot 777 Cash out), Sizzling Eggs and Hot Slot 777 Coins. The games are based on our most advanced math models, and offer a modern gameplay to newcomers and seasoned players alike.

We don’t compromise on our core game mechanics either. Our advanced customization suite (also known as Freedom of Choice) allows players to continue enjoying their favorite features while adjusting the gameplay according to their personal preferences. The suite offers options such as volatility, buy mode, ultra-fast mode and chance levels. This allows players to customize their experience.

SBCL Do you think there are any other titles in particular that will be popular with players from the region?

AH: Absolutely! Our exciting lineup of titles will be a hit with LatAm gamers.

Book of Faith is a combination of the popular Book Bonus, our collect-to-infinity feature that has been rated as one of the best in its class and highly lucrative jackpots. It is unique because of the twist in which expanding bonus symbols turn into cash symbols when they pay out wins and accumulate by collector symbols. Customisable options such as the chance level enhances the game’s mathematical model, which is unique to LatAm.

Black Horse Cash Out Edition is another exciting new release. The classic Wazdan slot game has been a favourite of players for more than a decade. This third installment is no exception. This edition includes Jackpots to increase excitement, and two different types of Cash Out symbols including one that sticks.

We have two prestigious titles for those who enjoy luxury and glamour: Mighty Symbols : Diamonds, and 9 Coins : Grand Diamond Edition. This is the latest instalment in our LatAm top series. The games have been designed with opulence in mind and will appeal to even the most demanding players.

SBCL: Tell us about the process of creating new features for games. Are you working on any new game features?

AH The process of development is dynamic and centered around the player. Our games are unique and trademarked.

The features such as collect to infinity (cash infinity), sticky to infinity (sticky to infinity), hold the jackpot and chance levels are all designed to engage players like never before. These innovative mechanics aim to increase player engagement and enhance the overall experience of games.

We are committed to giving players the choice to create their own gaming experience and we’re excited to keep pushing the limits of what is possible.

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