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Building a strong foundation for Brazil with Continent8 Technologies

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Gabriel Szlaifsztein is the Regional Sales Director of Continent 8 Technologies for LatAm.

Gabriel Szlaifsztein is the Regional Sales Director of LatAm for Continent8 Technologies. He discusses Brazil and why suppliers and operators must prioritize a robust infrastructure if they want to be successful.

Brazil’s opening has given a further boost to a market that is already flourishing in LatAm. It is an important jurisdiction which looks to be opening its doors for legal online casino and sports betting.

It’s not surprising that operators and suppliers want to be part of this market, given its size – the country will have a population exceeding 214,000,000 by 2021. We’ve also seen a growing appetite for casino and sports betting while the industry was still in the ‘grey state’.

When a market is opened, there is a great deal of attention paid to the product, as well as the marketing, to make sure that the users have the best experience possible with the brand and are aware it is live on the market.

It is important to note that operators, as well as suppliers, must first consider the infrastructure of their product or service offering, whether it be a sportsbook, casino, or other type of business.

The infrastructure ensures that the casino or sportsbook is secure and safe, as well as that it is not downtime. This negatively affects the experience of the players. Infrastructure must also be compliant with market rules.

What are the rules of Brazil?

Regulations and requirements have not been finalised yet and may change. Our team reports that Brazil is looking to the other regulated LatAm countries such as Colombia and Peru to help guide their framework.

If operators and suppliers don’t have adequate protection in place, a successful assault on their businesses can be fatal.

In this case, operators and suppliers would not need to build specific infrastructures in every country.

It would allow operators and providers targeting Brazil to house their infrastructure in other locations. Operators would have to consider the need for local backups of data and also take into consideration latency.

When it comes to player experience, latency is an important factor. Casino players and bettors expect lightning fast experiences. They want to place bets without delay, and spin the reels without interruption or lag.

To reduce latency, operators must carefully consider where to host their infrastructure.

Continent 8 serves the entire LatAm area from its Colombian data center. It is used with our 100-location global network and suite of cloud, managed hosting and connectivity solutions.

Continent 8 Secure is the leader on this market.

Our multi-layer solution includes DDoS, WAAP and MDR/EDR protections as well SIEM/SOC and SIEM/SOC. Cyber criminals are attracted to the industry because it is among the most targeted.

Operators and suppliers who do not put in the proper protections can suffer a near-fatal impact if an attack is successful. Businesses can ensure they’re fully prepared by taking a multilayered approach to their security.

“… For operators and suppliers who want to move into a highly competitive market, it is important that they first build a solid foundation.

Since more than 25 year, Continent 8 provides innovative and reliable infrastructure for the online gambling industry. In that time we’ve come to know the specific needs of this sector and how to implement infrastructure on regulated markets.

We take the First-to-Market approach in every country so our customers are among the very first to launch and benefit from the huge advantage that this offers. In order to achieve this, we share our expertise and experience with the regulators of each market.

It’s no different here in Brazil, where we are on the ground. This is what makes Continent 8 so unique – a LatAm dedicated team who understands market conditions, culture, infrastructure, and consumer needs.

In Brazil we worked with regulators to solve a major problem when it came to connectivity. The quality of carriers varies from one state to another. This leads to a market that is fragmented.

Continent 8 will and can play this role. Our solution would be to consolidate all Brazilian carriers under one provider. This would allow all suppliers and operators to have access to stable connectivity throughout the Brazilian market.

Brazil is often considered the sleeping giant in Latin America. This may well be true. Operators and suppliers who want to enter a highly competitive market must build a solid foundation. This is where infrastructure comes in.

Continent 8 offers this and its suite of award-winning managed hosting, connectivity and cloud solutions has helped many companies in LatAm to achieve long-term business success.

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