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Delia Topfer, Baden Casino: the need to prioritise hyper-personalisation

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The CasinoBeats Summit is a gathering of operators ranging from giants of online casinos to traditional land-based casino owners.

Baden Casino is a Swiss online casino that has been around for a long time.

Speaking ahead of her appearance in Malta at CBS, Delia Topfer, Baden’s Head of Customer Operations, details how promotions have evolved the customer experience in recent years, players’ desire for hyper-personalisation and the benefits of entering the digital age.

CasinoBeats – With just a few weeks until the CasinoBeats Summit, what importance do operators attach to showcasing themselves at SBC events?

Delia Topfer says that operators of the gaming industry must participate in events such as the CasinoBeats Summit. The gatherings offer operators a platform to show off their products, share industry insight, and make valuable connections. This is not only an opportunity for us to showcase our products, but it’s also a way to keep up to date on all the new trends, regulations, and innovations.

By engaging with industry leaders and peers at these events, we can not only increase our visibility, but also learn from them, adjust to the changing landscape, and remain ahead of competition.

As the Head of Customer Services at Grand Casino Baden, what has been your experience as a customer in Grand Casino Baden over the past few years?

DT: Our focus has always been on the guest experience. We believe this to be the most important factor in the overall customer experience. If you do not value the guest experience and put the customer first, then you will never be able to compete in this market.

We have a shortage of skills in Switzerland and have been experiencing it for several years. It is a challenge to find people with hospitality as a core value and who can replace their jobs by machines without sacrificing the warmth and human touch. We have also done much to make sure that our casino’s online version is linked to the land-based one through our loyalty program.

Online casinos are popular among many of our players. We want them to play with us, and not our competitors. Our loyalty program is the easiest way to achieve this. Our loyalty program has also been developed to be more attractive. We will keep developing it in the coming years, to improve the experience of the customers and to better link our different touchpoints.

CB: You will participate in a discussion panel at the CasinoBeats Summit that will focus on the evolution of the land-based gambling industry. What innovations have shaped the gaming industry in recent years?

I believe there are many connectivity features which allow the players to play their favorite games on mobile platforms and online platforms. This is true even if they’re in a casino. They are the things that will win. The future will see players bet on the roulette tables in casinos using AR or their smartphones.

The issue of robotics will also become more prevalent and unavoidable in the future, particularly if our skills shortage continues.

Finally, hyper-personalisation along the customer journey in land-based casinos will keep us busy for years to come. Online, we have seen that each player is able to see different content, and at the best experience a personalized customer journey.

This will be soon possible for land-based casino players, too, with the help of AI and technology advances. We can then offer a personalised customer experience to virtually all our customers in the future.

How do you see the impact of online casinos on land-based business in the coming years, given that several land-based casino operators are now tapping into this market?

Grand Casino Baden launched an online casino for customers in 2019. We saw great potential to cross-sell and create a seamless experience. Integration of online and off-line experiences can have a positive effect. The integration of online and offline experiences can create a synergistic effect. A cohesive strategy can help to increase customer loyalty and retention.

The shift from land-based casinos to online gambling also presents challenges for the traditional ones. The increased competition online requires strategic changes to marketing strategies, technology investment, and customer acquisition. This transition’s success will be determined by how effectively land-based casino can use their existing infrastructure and brand recognition in the online space.

The impact of digitalization on the land-based business will ultimately be determined by the ability of the businesses to adapt and navigate through the changing landscape. They must also find the right balance between online and off-line offerings. This trend is a sign of a wider industry shift towards a holistic and integrated approach to gaming. Operators are striving to offer a seamless and consistent experience on all platforms, for both the players’ benefit and their long-term business sustainability.

CB – To what extent will you consider the future innovations of the Casino Industry to be made in person?

DT: The next wave of innovations in the casino industry is poised to revolutionise the in-person experience within land-based casinos, with a particular focus on hyper-personalisation. The use of advanced technologies is expected to be a key factor in customizing the casino experience for each individual.

Hyper-personalisation involves leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies to create highly customised and unique experiences for each player. This could include personalised recommendations for gaming based on historical preferences of a player, tailored loyalty programmes that are tailored to their individual needs, or targeted promotions to improve the overall casino experience.

By integrating sophisticated CRM systems into their land-based casino operations, they can collect and analyze data about player preferences and behaviour. These data can be used to provide personalised service, such as suggesting games, offering exclusive incentives and offers, or creating an individualized customer experience.

Additionally, facial recognition software and mobile applications can be used to create a personalised and seamless entry process. This allows casinos to welcome players by their name upon arrival and predict their preferences.

Hyper-personalisation extends beyond gaming to encompass dining, entertainment, and other amenities, creating a holistic and individualised experience for each visitor.

In essence, the next innovations in the land-based casino industry are expected to embrace hyper-personalisation, leveraging technology to create a more tailored and engaging environment that caters to the unique preferences of every player. The goal of this personalised approach is to increase customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

CB – With 2019 now well underway, what are the plans and goals of Grand Casino Baden for the year 2024?

Grand Casino Baden has set itself a goal of creating an experience that is cohesive, personalized, and rewarding for its customers by 2024. By integrating our Omni Channel Loyalty Program, ensuring a seamless customer journey across all touchpoints, and implementing hyper-personalization strategies, we are confident in delivering an unparalleled level of service and entertainment in the upcoming year.

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