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Sylvain boniver: Gaming1: the key to European push is omnichannel power

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Sylvain BONIVER, Co-Founder of GAMING1 and COO

Gaming1 is looking to strengthen its presence in Belgium, France and Switzerland this year. This will be driven by their omnichannel strategy.

Part two of a CasinoBeats Special examines the balance between strategies for online and offline expansion. Sylvain Bonner is GAMING1’s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

CasinoBeats – How do you successfully collaborate with Platforms? How do you approach each new partnership?

Sylvain Bonner. Gaming1’s own casino game studio is a key part of its success in Belgium. It has allowed us to develop games that are specifically tailored for the Belgian market. The games we have developed are exclusive to Gaming1 and not available anywhere else. This gives us an edge on our domestic market.

Our international expansion has been aided by the studio. We were the first online casino operator in Portugal to be granted a licence and run an online casino under the Estoril Sol Casinos brand.

It was possible to achieve this milestone because at the time, no other games providers had their titles certified in Portugal. Our Portuguese website was launched exclusively with our content. This allowed us to gain a leadership position on the Portuguese market in 2016.

We are currently expanding our ambitions. Our goal is to expand our Belgian-made games to other platforms. The launch of Gridders in the Netherlands in 2023, on several websites including 777.NL was a significant step towards this goal. The games are a huge success and a positive sign for our future.

What is your balance between land-based operations and the expansion of online? What strategies have you put in place for a unified approach between both?

SB : Gaming1’s strategy to balance land-based operations and online ones revolves around its omnichannel model. The strategy not only benefits players by offering a seamless experience on different platforms but also matches the marketing restrictions that are increasing in many regulated countries.

We can leverage both the strength of our land-based operations and those online, allowing us to offer a seamless experience to customers. This means that players can have a similar gaming experience whether they are playing in a physical location or online.

Players can, for example, earn points of loyalty online and redeem them at an on-site venue. The interconnection of the rewards and flexibility system increases customer engagement and loyalty.

We focus our strategy on the harmonisation of all channels. It involves making sure that the most popular games can be played both in physical and online casinos. We also ensure consistent marketing and branding across platforms and provide a seamless customer experience. This integration is also made possible by technology, like cross-channel promotion.

Our strategy also includes adapting to marketing restrictions that are increasing in markets with regulated market. Our omnichannel strategy becomes increasingly important as direct advertising challenges increase. Advertising regulations can be laudable when they are aimed at the most vulnerable.

We can depend less on conventional marketing techniques and more on our player’s natural attraction by offering an integrated and cohesive experience. This strategy not only meets regulatory requirements, but it also creates an organic model of customer acquisition and retention.

Our omnichannel approach is fundamental to the balance and integration of our online and land-based operations. This strategy not only aligns with the changing needs and preferences our players, but it also helps us to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Our commitment to provide a complete and fun gaming experience, while maintaining industry standards and regulation is reinforced by this approach.

How will you make sure that your online games, which you already offer, are available to players in markets such as France? What are the key differences you have observed between online and land-based customers?

SB As countries like France slowly legalise online gambling, Gaming1 strategically prepares to extend its online offering. It involves setting up our network in order to launch the online casino.

The majority of games you find at land-based casino are also available online.

It is important to understand the difference between online and land-based customers. The convenience of playing online at any time and from anywhere is often more important to players than the actual experience they have in land-based casino.

A preference for regular updates and technology is also shown by their attraction to innovative games. Land-based gamers may prefer more immersive gaming experiences and longer sessions. Online gaming is also more diverse, with a wider range of age groups and behaviours.

Our strategy is aimed at integrating our online-friendly digital innovations with the core of our traditional land-based gaming. Our focus is on a thorough understanding of the player’s analytics in order to customize our offers, which will ensure a captivating and engaging gaming experience for online and land-based gamers.

CB : What is your outlook for next year, given that you have plans to expand globally in Q4?

SB As Gaming1 begins 2024, we are strategically focused on key areas that align with our global expansion plans.

We are focusing on enhancing our position in six key markets, namely Belgium, France Portugal Switzerland Spain and The Netherlands. We are focusing on strengthening our presence in our six core markets: Belgium, France, Portugal Switzerland and The Netherlands.

Accelerating the development of our technological foundation is a major component of our overall strategy. A robust, innovative technology base is essential to stay competitive in the fast-paced gaming industry. It will not only involve enhancing existing platforms, but developing new cutting-edge technologies to enhance the overall experience of our products for customers.

Another critical area of focus is streamlining our business operations. We aim to improve efficiency and agility by optimising processes and workflows. We will be able to react more quickly to changes in the market and to customer demands, and remain flexible and proactive.

The development of a high-performance work culture is an important goal. Our people are the most important asset we have, so fostering a positive culture which encourages innovation, excellence and continual learning is essential for us to continue being successful.

Our team will be empowered by investing in programs for training and development. They’ll have the knowledge and skills to succeed in their role.

Our approach will remain rooted in leveraging omnichannel strategy. Our omnichannel strategy is not only a means to improve the experience of our customers, but also a method for enhancing their gaming experience across platforms.

We are also committed to taking responsible gaming even further. We will increase our efforts in promoting safe and responsible gambling practices as our client base grows.

It includes advanced tools and measure to protect players, as well as ensuring our gaming environment is secure, ethical and fun for all.

Our forecast is for growth and innovation in our business, as well as a commitment to quality. We are confident in our ability to achieve and exceed the goals we set for ourselves in the global gambling market.

CB: Europe has been a major focus of GAMING1 with opportunities for growth in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. What excites you the most? Do you have new offerings or partnerships to discuss?

SB Europe presents Gaming1 with exciting opportunities to grow, especially in markets such as France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Switzerland is one of the most promising.

Gaming1 is thrilled to announce the recent renewal of the two casino concessions in Davos, and Crans-Montana. It is an important milestone, not only because it recognises our quality management and strategic development, but also the confidence that has been placed in us.

We have big plans for the expansion and modernisation of our casino in Crans-Montana. We have ambitious plans to modernise and expand the casino in Crans-Montana.

We are also committed to sustainability, and we have set the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our casino by 75% by 2035. We are also chasing an online license to take advantage of our technology expertise and provide Swiss players with a multi-channel immersive experience.

Davos is no exception. To facilitate the development of Davos, we plan to move the casino into a facility nearby. We will be able to expand the casino to include a new sports bar, which will enhance the gaming experience.

The initiatives we have taken in Switzerland are part of a broader plan to expand and strengthen our presence throughout Europe. These developments are not just exciting, but they also unlock great potential for Gaming1.

The projects we have undertaken are testaments to our desire to provide the best gaming experience, to be environmentally friendly, to innovate, to expand and to continue to grow in Europe.

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