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Greentube’s North American gaming industry will be larger than Europe

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The online gambling industry has been dominated by European countries for the last decade. However, lucrative business opportunities in the Americas could see the US, Brazil, and Canada soon overtake Europeans.

Greentube is one studio that has taken a proactive approach in entering North America and South America. It took the ICE London exhibition floor to display its latest Diamond Link Slot release, Athena Goddess of War.

Jelena popovic spoke to CasinoBeats in addition to announcing the enhanced hit frequency and money recycling features of the game, about the differences between the US and Europe studios trying make their mark across the Atlantic.

In comparing the current market trends between the US and Europe Popovic said that they are “very” different.

She said that the US market was at a much more mature stage. She said that “some things are copied from Europe, and given to the US market. But the biggest difference is the way the players accept this.” US players have already experienced what the European versions look like.

The main goal for both us and our other suppliers, is to create a unique game which will encourage people to keep playing it. This is what we’ve seen in our Diamond Link [of games] family.

Diamond Link was the first family of games for Greentube. We’ve seen VIPs, high rollers, but also people who are new to the world of igaming.

We have a lot more games in this family that will be released this year.

In response to a question about whether the lack of US state regulation for online casinos can lead to innovation in states that are already regulated, Popovic said: “The US is innovation.” It doesn’t matter that the US states came to this game later, as long as they bring something new.

She added: “Now that more states are opening, as well as the ones who have already opened, I can see more regulation from the regulators on how to keep the players safe and secure.

After COVID there was no option for players to go to the casino, so the developers found a solution to allow them to sit on their computers or in the subway with their phones and play online games. They were very pleased about this.”

Ontario, a province in Canada, continues to be a leader in online casinos. Popovic claims that studios are “important” to the Canadian province.

She replied: “It is definitely big.” We’ll have to see. I believe it will be more important even than other US states. It’s something I look forward to, because I love good competition. I also think that healthy competition brings out a competitive spirit.

The momentum is slowly being built up by European operators who are present in Ontario.

As for regulation, Popovic said that the burgeoning US market can learn a great deal from Ontario’s online gambling sector and how it is regulated.

She said: “Since there was a grey market before in Ontario and with the number of operators now operating, I believe US markets will be able to pick up on things because with regulations, it is necessary to combine bits and pieces to determine whether ‘this’ works or not.

There is so much knowledge available, and Canada in general can provide a great deal. North America will, I believe, be bigger than Europe, as I have hoped and know.

Brazil, one of the most populous nations in the world, has opened its door to online gaming. This regulation is causing a rush of suppliers to capitalize on this opportunity.

Julia Schägerl was Greentube’s regional manager for Germany, Latin America, and Scandinavia. She spoke at ICE London about Latin America.

Schagerl, who is the supplier of slot machines for online casinos, explained the possibilities Brazil offers to that industry. He said Brazil was “definitely” a target.

She explained, “We are already in Latin America.” Brazil is our main focus market, both this year and in the future.

We have targeted it by not only using the content we have in place in Brazil, but also a US-based games studio that is producing exclusive content for Brazil.

Click here to see the reasons why Popovic, Schagerl and the Studio believe that a localised strategy is important on both the American continents. You can also get an exclusive peek at Athena Goddess of War.

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