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Lotto NZ selects Scientific Games to overhaul its systems

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New Zealand Lotto NZ, the lottery operator in New Zealand has chosen Scientific Games to be its partner as it overhauls its digital and gaming systems.

Experience Driven Gaming Engine Programme (EDGE), is the name of this project.

The project focuses on the replacement of both Lotto NZ’s core gaming system and its interactive system, which supports Lotto NZ’s MyLotto. Lotto NZ platforms and retail point of sale technology make up the core gaming system. The technology is used to support Lotto NZ retail products in New Zealand.

Scientific Games technology allows Lotto NZ’s lottery to offer new features. Lotto NZ stated that it would help them meet the “promised increase in demand for digital services over the next decade”.

Chris Lyman CEO Lotto NZ said the new system would improve the lottery experience of customers.

He said, “This is the time to invest into a system fit for purpose that will help us prepare for the future and support our omnichannel expansion. It’s also the best way to provide New Zealanders with the safest and most secure customer experience in the world.”

The current Lotto NZ gaming system has been around for over 20 years. Lyman said that the current system is not enough to support Lotto NZ’s digital growth plans.

We are very excited by the potential of the digital future, but also our strong roots as a technology-based retailer. This is something we’ll continue to support. Initially, we’ll upgrade our retail terminals, and later, we’ll implement a program of modernisation in the store and explore omnichannel options.

Improving digital products

Scientific Games will support Lotto NZ in its efforts to personalize and integrate the digital experience for players across all of Lotto NZ’s offerings.

Michael Conforti said that Scientific Games is “honored” to have been chosen as Lotto NZ’s partner.

He said: “Lotto New Zealand, a leader in global lottery business is our partner and we’re honoured that they chose us for such an exciting project.”

We are dedicated to an implementation of technology that will drive Lotto New Zealand to the next stage and achieve its future plans and innovations in digital games.

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