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First Look at AI Sentiment Analysis to evaluate affiliate reviews

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First Look Games is a platform that connects gaming suppliers with affiliates. It has developed a Sentiment Analysis Tool to help developers better understand the reception of their games by affiliates.

First Look is a platform that allows affiliates to sign up and use the First Look platform. The tool utilizes artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand and read the reviews.

The average sentiment score is calculated for every game and given to the studio. Studio can receive an overall average sentiment score across their entire portfolio.

First Look plans to use sentiment scores in the Game Index that ranks the entire library of games. Index currently is based on affiliate game reviews, the reach of the games and how many free-to play demos are played.

This tool is an expansion of First Look’s Accuracy Management Service. It’s a tool that identifies inaccurate reviews and communicates corrections automatically on behalf of developers.

Tom Galanis is the managing director at First Look Games. He said since the launch of the platform, the game studios have looked for ways to enhance the feedback they get from their affiliates.

Galanis stated that “Sentiment analysis is an excellent addition to our toolkit, allowing our studio partners a better understanding of the reception of their games by our affiliates and users.”

The Sentiment Analysis tool is a great addition to the tools we offer, such as Accuracy Management and First Look Premium. It also complements our other services, including the Demo Game Server.

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