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GiG launches modifiable SaaS product

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Gaming Innovation Group announced today that it has launched a B2B platform modifiable Enterprise Solution, for operators who manage their technology stack.

This product, which complements the existing Software as a Service model (SaaS), will enable technically-capable clients to build or modify the existing supplier application.

It said it hoped to provide operators with more choices in the management of their platforms, by giving them the choice to add software. GiG said this will also provide it with a commercial model that would enhance its current offering.

Richard Brown, GiG CEO

The supplier says that Enterprise Solution is only available to companies who have the technical capability to integrate it into their existing systems. GiG stated that the company views the Enterprise Solution as an “powerful, bespoke solution” which will serve to meet the growing demand for greater technological flexibility and roadmap.

First licensing agreement

GiG announced that it had signed a licensing agreement with an “industry group” (which was not named) for its new product today, 31 March.

This deal has been structured so that a large upfront fee is charged for the license, and then subsequent fees are added throughout the term of the contract. Supplier added that average annual contract value was “materially” above current SaaS averages.

Richard Brown, GiG’s CEO, outlines the company’s thinking on the new product it wants to launch and the gap in the market it hopes to close.

He said: “We’ve long believed that for operators with the necessary technical skills and expertise, an open model would allow them to improve the product through collaboration and enhance customer satisfaction.”

We have noticed an increasing number of operators wanting to achieve this flexibility. With the recent release of our Next Generation Platform, developed in this manner, we can offer this service with control, support and sustainability.

The industry is not offering a full solution to many operators, and this new GiG product offers a solution which we believe they are craving.

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