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Coljuegos extends deadline for RG action implementation until August

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Coljuegos (the gambling regulator of Colombia) has extended to August the deadline by which operators must implement Responsible Gambling (RG).

The resolution 7,624 from 2024 gives operators who have a concession contract in place with Coljuegos until the 1st of August to implement actions that promote RGs in Colombia.

Marco Emilio Hincapie, president of Coljuegos says that the main objective of Resolution 7.624 (2024) is to encourage operators to develop strategies for raising RG awareness in relation to excessive gambling.

Hincapie explained that the responsible gaming strategy is divided into two phases: the first is implementation which falls under the operator’s responsibility and also includes mechanisms of self-control for players. The second is monitoring which evaluates the program.

Coljuegos looks to protect vulnerable players

A working group, along with foundations looking to reach an agreement for the promotion of RG will be meeting on 2 May.

Hincapie said Coljuegos was working on strengthening its RG Promotion, with a key goal of protecting Colombia’s most vulnerable players.

Hincapie said, “We’ve been working with operators to establish guidelines and management indicator for the creation of and implementation of manuals on good gaming practices.”

We are building support networks for people who may be affected. We have therefore approached mental health institutions and organisations to assist us in caring for people who show symptoms of gambling that is out-of-control.

Coljuegos tries to become a advertising regulator

Coljuegos submitted a bill in October of last year to regulate gambling advertising.

Coljuegos released a resolution that explains its method of regulation for adverts in Colombia. These measures include limiting marketing expenses to 20 percent of the projected gross gaming revenue (GGR), and banning misleading advertisements. Coljuegos will also prevent operators from sending promotional content to self-excluded players.

These measures were to have been implemented on the 1st of January. The bill was not passed because the Colombian Government decided to reject Coljuegos efforts.

In 2001, the Colombian Congress passed Law 643, which enacted Gambling Act.

In 2016, Colombia was the first country in Latin America to introduce a law regulating igaming, the Egaming Act. In 2016, Colombia became the first country in Latin America to regulate igaming with its Egaming Act.

Taxes are 15% for operators who have a Return-to-Player (RTP), or 83%, of their stakes. Tax contribution for those operators with RTP rates above 83% is at 17%.

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