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GambleAware calls for more “compelling health warnings” about gambling

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The UK’s GambleAware campaign has called for better health warnings about gambling risks after a recent report raised concerns over current messages.

The research, commissioned by GambleAware and looking at the effects of the TTTT campaign. The slogan is used by many UK operators to promote responsible gambling.

Looking at responses from over 7,000 respondents, it is difficult to determine the true effectiveness of this slogan. TTTT’s failure to inform people about the harm associated with gambling or provide information on where they can get help is a major concern.

Researchers recommend that three new warnings be added to the current marketing campaigns of industry. These warnings will, according to feedback, be more clear, impactful, and memorable for the general public as well as people who gamble.

What messages about responsible gaming can we expect to hear?

The report made several recommendations for a new slogan to support the messaging going forward. The report suggested that “gambling is addictive” would be more effective than the TTTT. However, only 35% of respondents endorsed the existing messaging.

A second option, “Gambling is expensive”, was also supported by 22% of respondents compared with 12% who voted for TTTT. Researchers found that “Gambling is addictive” performed very well on all metrics.

The report also found that TTTT is twice as successful as GambleAware in directing people to support services. About 72% of the respondents were in agreement, as opposed to 30% who disagreed.

GambleAware states that this analysis will be the basis for new guidelines, which will provide operators with guidance and recommendations to help promote safer gambling while preventing harm. This will be supported, according to the report, by more research on this issue.

Alexia Clifford, the chief communication officer of GambleAware, expressed concern over the study. She highlighted in particular how operators misuse the logos and fail to provide proper support for customers.

Clifford stated that gambling harms were a major public health concern. It is important that the public understands these risks. The landmark study of today highlights the importance of replacing the industry slogan Take time to think with stronger health warnings.

We’re concerned that operators are misusing the GambleAware Logo and there is no clear indication of support channels. “We urge the industry to heed the increasing body of evidence that highlights the need for improved safeguards and regulations.”

GambleAware did the funding, but independent research was done for the report. The study was co-authored by Dr Raffaello Rosi, who is a marketing lecturer at Bristol University.

Rossi stated that in the absence of restrictions on gambling marketing, warnings that emphasize the addictive nature gambling are essential, along with signposts that clearly and unambiguously direct people to support services if they need it.

We need better regulation for gambling operators that are bombarding us daily with ads.

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