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After Google Search overhaul, media deals with affiliates are not so attractive.

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According to your point of view, the latest Google Search Update on May 5 has either been a direct blow or caught some gambling affiliates. Steve Ruddock from Casino Reports reports.

Priority was given to the affiliate-media partnerships that have been popular in recent years. Happy Gilmore said, “Talk of your greatest backfires. The results are varied depending on which company you look at, but partnership deals have been decidedly bad.”

Since several years, affiliates — businesses that earn revenue through referring clients to operator sites — have bragged about the advantages of such deals. Affiliates benefited from the reputation of legacy media websites in search results, bringing in a lot of new customers. This helped them to improve their KPIs.

After May 5, these sites will no longer be found in searches. This has increased affiliates’ content, but they are still trapped in deals that look like zombie deals. Some deals have eight-figure guarantees with highly unfair revenue splits.

This is according to sources who are familiar with the situation. Google will not reverse its course to bring back these websites into search engine result pages (SERPs) even after cleaning up and removing content.

This raises the issue: Have the affiliates taken their share of punishment, or are they in for even more?

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