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Skottling, deputy CEO of Videoslots, sets sights on “transformative journey”

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Gambling is a highly competitive market, so companies need to be constantly evolving in order to gain an edge. Videoslots’ deputy chief executive Ulle Skottling believes that the ability to adapt will help lead his business in a “transformative direction”.

Skottling’s own career has been an exciting one in the last few years. He was appointed deputy chief executive of Videoslots in March 2021, having previously served as chief operating officer.

Skottling, as part of his broader set of responsibilities is working closely with Alexander Stevendahl, chief executive, to determine the direction of the company, and to foster a culture of growth that opens new possibilities.

Skottling explained to iGB that this includes corporate governance, strategic planning and higher-level decision making. As deputy CEO, my role includes setting the vision of the business, managing relationships, and making sure the organization is profitable, compliant, and operates effectively.

The senior management team now has a template that will be used to establish the company culture. The company will be using this template.

Setting lofty goals

What are Videoslots plans for the near future? Skottling predicts that the next two years will be exciting for Videoslots, with the expansion of the company across the world and the addition of a sportbook.

Videoslots wants to expand into new territories that are regulated

Already, there are signs that these objectives have been achieved. Videoslots, which had secured a license in Ontario in June of last year announced that it was launching its online casino in Ontario.

Skottling added, “I see an exciting journey and transformation for our business over the next five-year period.” Our strategic vision involves expanding to more regulated areas, assuring compliance and providing our unique gaming experiences to a larger audience.

This expansion will enhance the gaming experience and strengthen our position in the market.

Skottling’s vision for Videoslots is that technology and innovation will play an important role in its growth strategy.

VideoSlots will develop an app to ensure “seamless integration” in the new markets that it expands into.

Skottling continued, “To enhance our ecosystem further, we’re excited to launch our new affiliate program, which will foster mutually-beneficial partnerships while driving engagement on all of our platforms.”

Our focus on innovation also extends to the introduction of a responsive design that optimises user interaction, and provides an enjoyable and efficient platform for all devices.

UK – “challenging, but vital”

Videoslots has now been granted a seventh gaming license, after being approved in Malta, Sweden and Denmark. It also holds approvals for Italy, Spain, and the UK.

With the white paper of April 2023, the UK’s future is in doubt. The threat of affordability limits and slot stake limitations will be looming.

Skottling says that while UK regulation is a concern, it’s not as common in other countries. The region, however, remains “challenging, but vital” for Videoslots.

Skottling stated that “the stringent regulatory framework requires constant vigilance. Yet, we recognize its importance because of the substantial size of the market and potential revenue.”

We see challenges as an opportunity and are committed to compliance, transparency and continual improvement in order to positively impact the UK’s dynamic online casino market.

Video Slots Culture: The Key to Success

Skottling is convinced that he can play a crucial role in Videoslots’ goal of offering an “unparalleled gambling experience”, pointing out the long history of Videoslots, which spans over 10 years. This makes Videoslots a rare company in a still young industry.

skottling is hoping culture will provide videoslots with growth opportunities

Skottling believes that it is the culture he has fostered that will help Videoslots achieve future success.

Skottling said, “The combined efforts of our outstanding staff who contribute their expertise and dedication daily inspires me every day.” “Adaptability and long-term vision are essential. Flexible execution is also crucial.

My approach is a carefully blended blend of employee engagement, stakeholder involvement, aligning with values both personal and organizational, strategic data usage, and commitment to continuous evaluation and adaption.

This multifaceted approach is designed to foster a successful and sustainable business environment by creating a framework for decision making that takes into account the needs of all parties involved.

Videoslots aim for “Excellence”

Skottling thinks that Videosport will continue to be a global force in five years.

videoslots is introducing a new app to aid its strategic growth plans

Skottling believes that Videoslots’ pipeline of projects will help it achieve both short- and long-term goals.

Skottling stated that “the next five years will see Videoslots grow strategically, with new brands, an enhanced app, an advanced affiliate system, responsive design, introduction of sportsbook, and expansion to more regulated territory.”

These initiatives reinforce our commitment in delivering excellence to the dynamic online gaming landscape.

Videoslots is well placed to fulfill Skottling’s promise, with a solid organisational culture as well as technology and innovation plans.

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