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Magnum Corporation signs agreement for seven years with Intralot

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Intralot signed a contract with Malaysian gaming firm Magnum Corporation to extend its technology supply deal by at least seven more years.

Magnum Corporation had issued a call for international tenders back in 2022. This new contract can be renewed for two 5-year periods. The total period of the agreement will then reach 17 years.

Intralot is assisting Magnum Corporation in the transfer of its retail offerings to Intralot LotosX Omni. LotosX Omni is a collection of player and operation systems. The LotosX Central Gaming System, and PlayerX Player Account Management System are included.

Magnum Corporation will be able to provide an omnichannel approach to its digital and retail offerings by switching to LotosX Omni.

Dato’ Lawrence Lim Swee Lin said that the partnership between Magnum Corporation and Intralot will result in a better gaming experience.

He said: “Magnum Corporation, is proud to maintain this partnership with Intralot. Intralot has been a strong ally to help us expand our business while also enhancing the gaming experience of our customers.”

With our expertise in the gaming industry and Intralot’s leading-edge technology we will create a future that is full of innovation, a new immersive gaming experience, with increased levels of security and personalisation, both for our digital and retail spaces.

Partnerships that continue

Marios Mitromaras CEO of Intralot Australia said that Intralot technology will continue to improve Magnum Corporation’s gaming offering for players.

He said, “We’re very happy to continue working with Magnum Corporation.” Our continued collaboration is built on trust and understanding, as well as a commitment to elevating the gaming experience for Magnum Corporation’s customers.

Magnum Corporation is pushing the boundaries to improve their players’ experience. We look forward to providing them with our high-quality technology and operating services.

Intralot has made several major decisions in the year 2023. It agreed in June to supply Taiwan’s Public Welfare Lottery with system technology. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation also signed a deal for sports betting.

Intralot’s financial situation has been a disaster for the first half of 2023. The revenue fell 2.9% to EUR163.6m, but EBITDA increased 14.0% to EUR62.8m.

Intralot Capital Luxembourg, a subsidiary of Intralot Capital Luxembourg, confirmed in November that it will proceed with the partial redemptions of senior notes amounting to EUR126.0m. Intralot announced that new shares worth EUR135m would be issued in the same month.

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