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New Jersey DGE launches customer data initiative for problem gambling

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New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement has launched a “cutting edge” initiative to promote responsible gambling. This program will utilize customer data collected online by operators in order to detect and address suspected gambling problems.

Matthew Platkin, the Attorney General of Massachusetts’ state before the NFL Super Bowl – the largest gambling event in the US – explained how DGE works with online betting companies in order to intervene in at-risk gamblers.

Online gambling operators are required to analyse player data electronically stored to identify any signs of problem gambling.

This initiative was planned since March 2022 and launched in January 2023. It is the only program of this kind to be offered in the United States.

DGE set out specific parameters for operators to look at, such as warning signs like players whose gaming time is increasing from one week to the next; players who self-impose cooling-off periods; players who bet until there’s less than $1 in their account; players who access the self exclusion page of the operator’s website regularly without actually executing the exclusion.

Platforms will be on the lookout for any account activity which could indicate problem gambling. This includes deposits of thousands of dollars made within a very short period of time or multiple requests from a single player to raise limits for deposits and losses in less than 24 hours.

The new initiative will use a variety of methods to approach an individual who displays concerning behaviors, depending on the circumstances. This may include progressive message responses, if warning signals are repeated.

Initial, the individual will be sent automated messages about responsible gaming and resources. The individual must view an instructional video explaining responsible gambling and the available resources if the warnings continue. The operator’s responsible gaming team or lead will need to reach out directly to the person at the next stage.

Platkin stated that “Under Murphy Administration, New Jersey is a leader nationally in the online gambling and sports betting industry. With that growth, comes the responsibility of ensuring that those at risk of compulsive gaming have the access they need to help,”

It is not a coincidence that we made this announcement just… before one of the most important days for sports betting, as it serves to remind us of how damaging a gambling problem can be. The Division of Gaming Enforcement will be able to use this new initiative to collaborate with the gaming industry in order to recognize problematic patterns of player betting behavior, and to intervene prior to their escalation.

Players consent to the monitoring and recording of their online play as part and parcel of user agreements, which must be completed before they are granted access to gambling platforms.

Online wagering platform operators also train the staff who deal with their players on how to recognize red flags that indicate a gambling problem.

David Rebuck, DGE’s director, said that the DGE uses data to identify players at risk, to alert them of their disordered gaming, to inform them of responsible gambling options available on online platforms, and to provide them with corrective measures.

This new approach allows responsible gaming specialists employed by platforms as well as us to identify early warning signals and reach patrons at risk before they end up in financial disaster.

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