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Amelco confirms that Fanatics will be powered by Amelco

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The sports apparel company Fanatics announced at a Massachusetts licensing session that it will be using Amelco’s source code for its betting software.

Fans had made their intentions known for a long time to get into the sports betting world. In 2021 the business applied for a New York license. Last year, it established a gaming and betting division and hired a large number of people.

It has also submitted applications for several licences. It has also been granted a Maryland retail betting license and approved by Ohio.

Amelco Source Code

The technology that it planned to use remained unknown. Fanatics was reportedly going to use Amelco source code until April 2022. However, at that time, the operator claimed there had been no agreement with Amelco.

In later reports, it was claimed that Fanatics had acquired German sportsbook operator Tipico in order to use their platform. However, Fanatics chose not comment on these claims.

In a presentation made to the state gaming commissions in Massachusetts regarding its application for sports betting licensing, Fanatics Chief Product Officer Scot McClintic disclosed that Fanatics will be utilizing a platform created by Amelco.

He said that Amelco was the company behind his core platform, which includes sports betting and player account management.

Fanatics purchased Amelco’s source code. This allows it to modify the platform according to its needs.

We are developing a number of middleware applications that will allow the Amelco System to work in the way we would like it to.

Kambi share price plummets

This announcement was a significant factor in the stock price of Fanatics, as well as Kambi. Fanatics and Kambi were both part of the winning bid to obtain a New York Sports Betting License.

At the time of writing, the sportsbook supplier’s share price has dropped 10.6% since trading closed yesterday (4 January), with one share currently trading at SEK174 (PS13.69/EUR15.47/$16.31).

The CEO of Fanatics is confident in his success

Matt King, CEO of Fanatics Betting and Gaming also spoke at the event about why he is confident in his business’s success.

He said, “I think that Fanatics Betting and Gaming is going to be the innovator on the market for sports betting.” We believe we’ll be successful with sports betting for five different reasons. This team is experienced in the sports betting industry… Fanatics is a well-known innovator, which has resulted in a more enjoyable fan experience as well as a larger market.

We have an experienced team of leaders with hundreds of combined years of experience.

The fourth reason we think we will be successful is because we are committed to diversity. We’re confident we can create the most inclusive team possible.

Barstool Massachusetts license

The discussion about Fanatics application has been moved into a private meeting. Fanatics claimed that some aspects of the product were trade secrets and could not be disclosed because it had yet to launch.

The state regulator approved Penn Entertainment’s Barstool trademark, but with conditions. The conditions included agreeing to participate in an investigation of Barstool’s marketing and cooperation with the state regulator.

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