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Melissa Summerfield’s thoughts on how to lead a start-up

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Melissa Summerfield, CEO of Markor Technology, says that the company hopes to be the leading PAM provider and games aggregator within the year. iGB learns about Summerfield’s experiences and how they have helped to shape Markor Technology.

Summerfield’s latest position was appealing to her because it was in a new business.

Summerfield has worked mainly for large corporations, and the opportunity to take on a brand new project is what she was looking for.

It’s an opportunity to run a business, and that is the top job for anyone who has ambition. Most importantly, it is a start-up.

She said to iGB the new role offered her the opportunity to apply the skills she gained in previous roles.

melissa summerfield, ceo, markor technology

She says, “I’m able to bring all of my experiences into this one company and see it grow from scratch.”

As an ambitious individual, this was something that I wanted to cross off my bucket list.

B2C to B2B

Summerfield’s CV is impressive. Summerfield began her career at BetVictor, heading up their CRM. She then went to Party Gaming, before moving to BWin.Party after the merging of both companies.

Summerfield, however, says she was in need of a change.

I spent 12 years working as a technician. Then I changed. Then I moved on. I was looking to learn, develop and expand my skills, so I decided to move to B2B. “I set up Microgaming’s Gibraltar office.”

After being named vice president of Microgaming, she was offered the position as chief commercial officer with Pragmatic Play.

This combination of being a CRM executive and then becoming chief commercial officer for both B2C as well as B2B has definitely prepared me for this position.

Summerfield spoke in depth about what Markor Technology is and does. She believes that the most important factor in offering solutions is to be able to provide a variety of products and licenses.

We offer a one stop shop to online gaming operators.

Markor Technology is pursuing B2C and B2B licences, and the company has ambitions to expand and provide products worldwide. The company has reached the last stages in its MGA license application and is expecting to get the licence by early 2023.

Summerfield is interested in leading the company because it has a wide range of products.

Strategy Direction

Summerfield’s key strategy for Markor Technology would be to acquire licences.

One of the main components of our strategy is licensing and certification. We want to take advantage of opportunities to acquire licenses and partner with local operators.

What will be the next steps after gaining access to so many markets? Summerfield says that it is hard to compete with established aggregators in terms of the number integrated games.

She said that the best service is a strategy that the company has adopted to differentiate itself from its competitors. With a wide range of contacts in the industry, her experience could be useful.

We all know that there are many aggregators and PAMs that have more integrations. But we strive to provide the best service, which we can do only if we maintain good relationships with our partners. This is something we believe will form part of our 2023 strategy, and we are going to keep focusing on it.

Markor’s development

How can a company like Markor find clients? Summerfield said that her company has launched a new website, and she’s helping to create a new brand identity.

Summerfield says, “We’ll be heavily promoting our company in the industry via trade shows and exhibitions.”

We’ve received such positive feedback at the conferences we attended, SBC Barcelona and G2E Vegas. We’re now going to Sigma Malta where we will be exhibiting for our first time. This gives me great confidence about the future of Sigma Malta and its direction.

The future

Summerfield is a newcomer to the technology scene, but has high ambitions.

Summerfield, who has worked for larger operators and suppliers in the past, hopes that Markor will join them within the year.

She says, “We are aiming to become the number one PAM provider and top three game aggregators in the world, by the end of the year.”

There is no reason for an operator to not want to partner with us. We have the products, services, and licenses they need. “We are very excited to start this journey with our company in the market.”

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