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Loterj grants operator license to Rio Jogo

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Casa de Aposta Rio Jogo, (Lema), has been licensed by Rio de Janeiro State Lottery to provide sports betting and online gaming.

Rio Jogo has now been granted a licence by Loterj, following its approval.

Rio Jogo joins PixBet, BestBet, and other Loterj-approved operators. Seven operators, including Caesars Sportsbook, PNR Tecnologia, and others are in the process to be accredited.

Joao de Araujo, Rio Jogo’s chief executive officer thanked Loterj on behalf of its efforts to implement wagering accreditation for Brazil.

The CEO stated, “We are committed to a legal and regulated market for gaming.” We are well aware of our responsibilities, and the duties that are assigned to us by the contract.

Loterj awards Rio Jogo license in spite of IBJR criticism

Loterj announced that it would reopen the period of accreditation for betting shops following the license granted to Rio Jogo. This accreditation period is for 30 consecutive days starting on Tuesday, 14 May.

PNR Tecnologia (PNR) and Lema (Lema) both submitted documentation in April to Loterj for accreditation. They wanted Loterj’s approval to run sports betting and online gaming. Both companies conducted a proof-of-concept and evaluated compliance with Loterj rules.

This came after BIG Brazil, a Caesars Sportsbook licensed company, announced its intention to seek Loterj accreditation.

Loterj, however, has been criticised by those who believe it oversteps the mark in granting licences to nationwide activities.

In a letter, the Brazilian Institute for Responsible Gaming denounced Loterj. IBJR believes Loterj’s accreditation for nationwide operations violates federal regulations.

IBJR’s note said: “The actions carried out by Loterj cause disorder, create unnecessary doubts and damage the process of regulation for fixed-odds gambling in Brazil.”

Andre Santa Ritta, associate lawyer with Pinheiro Neto Advogados, agrees the criticisms of IBJR are valid.

Santa Ritta wrote to iGB via email that “IBJR has a valid point, and their arguments are logical.” I have participated in the discussions. “I do not think Loterj is legally entitled to permit companies to operate throughout the country.”

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