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Slot Trumps: The best way to get started in Peru

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Peru is the sixth country in Slot Trumps’ series to open for business. Stian Enger Pettersen, from EveryMatrix, explains how to get ready for the regulated gaming industry.

Our sixth Slot Trumps Market Report could not have come at a better time, with the Peru Ministry for Trade & Tourism’s (Mincetur), accrediting their first batch of providers who are fully compliant in March 2024 – including EveryMatrix!

Our software is compliant and our solutions are of the highest quality. We were among the first suppliers to be accredited in Peru, and several clients have already committed to going live once Mincetur has given the go-ahead.

Peruvian markets will be unfamiliar to the majority of iGB’s readers. The report will give you a better understanding of the online gambling behaviours in Peru.

Slot Trumps reveals Peru’s Potential

The regulation is still being finalised, and there will be more changes in the future as legislators closely monitor patterns of play. Revenue and taxation figures and the channelisation of some of the trends that we’ve discovered could change. Slot Trumps Dashboard shows that Peru is a country with huge potential.

First, despite the limited number of slots available until the full market opens up, there is a strong appetite among players for them.

Slot Trumps has been the most popular game in Peru, with the highest number of average session (9.5 per 90-day period), average wagering per session at 136 and EUR1.94 per average bet.

The players here place 30 percent more bets compared to Romanians, who are our second-highest bettors so far in our series. This is expected to drop slightly over time as new slots are added, but it’s still a good sign for the future.

Our research shows that unlike their “thrill seeking” Brazilian or Colombian neighbors, Peruvians are more interested in medium volatility games. They do, however, bet larger amounts and with higher stakes. Free spins are the most popular feature.

The average wager in Peru is increased by 70% when a game has a buy feature. This shows that Peruvians are more interested in games which offer this option. Games with higher average stakes also have bonus features like in-game spins, and these features appeal to Peruvians.

Important considerations

Content localisation

Localising content is essential to success in an emerging and newly-regulated market like Peru.

SlotMatrix’s experts are able to advise operators on the best content for Peru, and other LatAm countries so they can start generating revenue and claiming valuable market shares as soon as possible.

Understanding the Fans

Before launching a new market or expanding your operations, it is important to know who you are dealing with. Don’t leave anything to chance. It is important to understand your customers’ preferences, their cultural background and what features they enjoy using.

You may be surprised by certain areas. You may be surprised to learn that Asian themes are the third most popular slot theme in Peru, behind animals and classic.

Slot preferences in LatAm can surprise you. It showed, for example that Brazilians prefer to play games designed for European and North American market.

Be ready to switch course

Markets that are just starting to regulate themselves have the tendency to take unpredictable directions at any moment. After a period of settling in, regulators and governments tend to adjust. Changes could include marketing changes, deposit and stake limits or spin speed.

What does it mean? In Peru today, the players might prefer games with medium volatility. This is expected to change as the market matures and changes its regulation, allowing more slot machines and providers to introduce thousands of new games and features.

As we have seen in Brazil, some players prefer to play slots with higher volatility because they like the bonus features and purchase options.

The new content is coming thick and fast

We looked at over 400 SlotMatrix games. It is less than previous Slot Trumps reports but still enough to give an early indication of the Peruvian market. This will skyrocket as more vendors are integrated and proven content is added.

EveryMatrix’s CasinoEngine platform allows for seamless integration of content, and the timely display of titles relevant to the market. With our aggregation service, brands can curate games based on theme, game mechanics and vendors, among other variables, that are best suited for a specific market.

We have a team of experts available 24/7 who can provide you with valuable insight into the best way to create, package and deliver content for your Peruvian brand.

Add Gamification Tools and Functionality

Close the gap between slot players and sports bettors to get ahead of your competition. Why not target Peru’s sports fans once you have created your localised, carefully-curated content using proven gamification tools?

Gamification is a popular tool that bridges the gap between players and punters. It comes in all shapes and sizes. It is possible to make gamification more effective by using free spins, tier challenges and customised jackpots.

The most relevant feature for sports bettors is the tournaments. They can compete with each other across different verticals to win prizes during any period.

CasinoEngine offers tournaments across the SlotMatrix games network. When you include our BonusEngine product into the mix, operators are able to fully customize sports and casino tourneys with live leaderboards. They can also use our full suite of gamification tools.

We don’t know exactly how or when the dishes served by operators in Peru will change. We do, however, know what it takes for an online service to be launched successfully in a highly regulated territory like Peru.

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