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Mississippi Sports Betting Spending Increases in August

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In August of this year, consumer spending on sports gambling in Mississippi increased by 0.9% compared to the previous year. Revenues in Mississippi remained at their current level.

In August 2022, the monthly handle was $21.2m. This is up by 20% from $17.7m. It was 20.9% more than the $17.7m handled in July of this year.

The revenue for July was $2.7m, which is the same as last year but 8.0% higher than the $2.5m of the previous month.

Mississippi’s players continue to favor coastal casinos. The coastal casinos generated $1.6m in revenue from $13.6m spent by Mississippi consumers on betting sports.

In August, central casinos reported a total sports wagering spend of $5.2m and revenues of $730,257.

The northern casinos reported a revenue of $371.721 and a total sports wagering amount of $2.6m.

Baseball was the sport that players bet on the most in California. Baseball was the most popular sport to bet on in coastal casinos. $2.0m were spent at venues located centrally, and $1.2m were placed at locations up north.

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