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Bayes Esports enters the US market with NJ and Colorado licensing

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Esports Live Data Supplier Bayes Esports will expand to the US, after receiving new licenses for sports betting suppliers in New Jersey and Colorado.

Bayes will be the first supplier in Australia to receive official live esports data from game publishers and deliver it to online betting operators.

Bayes, in support of the project, has extended its partnership with Bet365. The two companies will jointly provide new esports wagering products both in New Jersey and Colorado.

Bayes also said that it will continue to work closely with legislators in Nevada and other US states to bring new legislation legalizing betting in esports.

Amir Mirzaee, Bayes’ chief operating officer and managing director (pictured), said: “We announced in May that our funding round had closed. We stated we wanted to expand to the US market.

We have now kept our word, after just two months. While the US betting market is still behind the European one, in the future it will undoubtedly be the largest and most important.

New Jersey and Colorado were the two states that we found to be most innovative and progressive, and we anticipate other states to follow their lead very soon.

Bayes also entered into an agreement with the games publisher Krafton in order to expand their esports database. This deal covers official data for the popular video game ‘PUBG Battlegrounds.

Bayes has also partnered exclusively with Riot Games, Dreamhack BTS and OGA, ESL Gaming League of Legends.

Mirzaee stated, “We want to help Krafton lay the foundation for their global community to have a streamlined data-access experience and to scale up its official data offerings for both esports use cases and for community uses.” This will involve enabling digital applications such as live and historical game data, statistics, data visualizations and more.

Our main goal is to enhance community involvement while promoting the integrity of esports.

Bayes announced recently a number of new appointments to its management team.

Andre Schneider has been appointed as Bayes’ new senior director for people operations.

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