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MGM Resorts Systems Down After Cyber Attack

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MGM Resorts International was forced to close certain systems in its US properties after discovering a cyber-security issue.

After reports started to appear on social media, the operator confirmed that it had happened in a posting made by X (formerly Twitter). MGM Resorts’ website is also down. Visitors are greeted with a list of important contact numbers.

MGM Resorts has not disclosed which systems have been affected by this issue, but posts from players on social media indicate that there are issues with slot machines in retail stores and access to hotel rooms.

According to the operator, it has spoken with law enforcement officials and cyber experts about this issue that began on Sunday.

MGM Resorts has recently discovered a cyber-security issue affecting certain company systems”, MGM Resorts announced on X, yesterday (September 11, 2018). After identifying the problem, MGM Resorts immediately began an investigation. Leading external cybersecurity experts assisted us.

We also informed the law enforcement agencies and we took immediate action to safeguard our systems and information. It included the shutting down of certain systems.

Our investigation continues and we work diligently to identify the scope and nature of the issue.

MGM Resorts posted an update 12 hours after the original post, stating that its properties are still operating dining, entertainment, and gaming. The company added that staff on site will assist customers with any problems.

MGM Resorts has 19 different properties across the US. There are locations in Nevada as well as Maryland, Massachusetts and Michigan. The number of venues affected by this issue is still unknown.

This news follows a week in which cryptocurrency sportsbook Stake.com and its online casino were hit with unauthorized transactions.

Stake.com has identified problems with Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. At the time, reports suggested that $41.0m in cryptocurrency was affected.

The FBI (US Federal Bureau of Investigation) confirmed that the Lazarus Group, a cybercrime group in the US, was responsible for the attack.

Lazarus Group, also known as APT38 is associated with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The FBI reports that cyber criminals transferred the funds stolen from Stake.com to a variety of addresses in virtual currencies.

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