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Merkur Group is officially the new name of Gauselmann Group

by Bela Ksovreli
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The German gaming company Gauselmann Group completed its project to rebrand itself as Merkur Group.

Merkur.com AG, the holding company of German gaming group Gauselmann AG, will operate now under its new name.

On 1 January the renaming of the company was complete, and the change in the Commercial Register has been made.

Ownership structure will not change. In 1980, the unit was established as a holding to provide services centrally for all businesses in the Gauselmann Group.

This change is 67 years since Gauselmann Group was founded and 50 years after Merkur’s introduction in 1970s.

The corporate group has become increasingly international and digital. Paul Gauselmann is the founder of the company and Chairman of its Management Board. The new name “reflects that fact.” Both developments will be benefited by linking our Merkur name to the Merkur brand.

“Continuity, stability and continuity are the cornerstones of corporate philosophy. They will remain important for our success in the future.”

Merkur brand harmonisation

Changes were announced in September, and will be completed officially on January 1, 2024. Gauselmann AG has become the latest unit of the Merkur group to take on the Merkur brand as part what is called “brand “harmonisation” by the group. The subsidiary adp Gauselmann GmbH was renamed adp Merkur GmbH in March 2022.

Gauselmann opened the first Merkur Spielothek in 1970, and introduced its Merkur B amusement-with-prizes (AWP). Since then, a variety of games, gaming machines, and systems were developed, manufactured, and distributed with the laughing sun logo.

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