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Katya Machuganova explores how Silverback Gaming is reinventing the jackpot for new audiences.

Around 36 years ago the first progressive jackpot was won. Soon after, they became an essential part of any casino’s gaming floor. As casinos move online in an increasing number of US States, demand for online slots with jackpots is on the rise.

Why are they so popular? What makes them so popular?

The fact that the non-winning wagers are still contributing to the jackpot prize, even if the spin was a loser, is also motivating and relieving for many players. The anticipation of a second chance at winning is high.

There is no requirement for a minimum wager and there are no triggers in the game.

Online and land-based

Online progressives in the US still have some way to go before they can match the experiences offered by land-based counterparts.

Igaming in the US hasn’t spread as fast or widely as we had hoped. The state-by-state regulations and this make it difficult to create jackpot slots that offer the prizes players want.

As more states begin to regulate and as solutions are developed for intra-state liquidity, the prizes will continue to grow.

The biggest industry events I attended in this past year focused on the topic of overcoming this challenge, and unlocking jackpot slots’ true potential.

An environment that is challenging

There are challenges for all types of games, but the US has more restrictions on gambling than Europe.

After the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was repealed in 2018, we have seen a number of states adopt regulation and licensing. While sports betting is the focus of attention to date, online casinos are slowly catching on even though they are only legal in a few states.

The online casino industry is still relatively young, which is evident in the preferences of players when they choose the table and slot games that interest them.

Many players have tried online gaming for the first in either regulated or simulated states. It allowed them to test out different slots, and in many cases they were pleased with what they found.

Online casino operators are now looking for more creative content to add to their lobby, both free and in real-money formats. Jackpot slots provide a good example. The players are looking for games with new features, triggers and payouts to replace the old jackpots. Silverback’s design and development team is focused on this area.

The state-by-state market structure makes it hard for studios, however, to create progressive games with prize pots as large as the ones that players are looking for. We are currently working to find a way to solve this problem and we expect the first intrastate progressive slot machine to be released in the next few months.

How to claim the Jackpot

Wide-area progressives are being investigated as their design allows for operators to provide life-changing rewards while complying with the state regulations.

Both parties share the profits generated by this game. The games are available in multiple casino locations across different states.

We want to make our jackpots available to players in every state. The first slots to feature jackpots will have ceiling progressive jackpots, mini, major and maximum. A $100,000 must-win requirement is included.

The slot series will be used to launch our progressive jackpots in the US. It features a bright, fresh and easy-to-understand jackpot interface with a new design.

Katya Machuganova, a professional in igaming, digital media and games production and a ISTQB-certified quality assurance specialist is a graduate of the Games Producer program. She holds a Bachelor in Electronic Media and Communication and a Masters degree in Digital Media and Video Games.

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