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Sports betting is constantly expanding. New states, new platforms, new bet structures. It’s not hard to feel like a betting laggard.

As much as operators and sportsbooks talk about education for bettors, they are still advancing with growth and features at an alarming pace.

Alex Monahan is a Stanford graduate and former quant trader. He saw the need to create a platform which could help and educate bettors. He wanted to bridge the gap between sites offering picks and sportsbooks.

OddsJam is a new online gambling site.

Alex Monahan, co-founder, OddsJam

Monahan says, “We cut out all the BS.” There’s no touting. “Everything is based upon real-time odds.”

We also invest heavily in the education of sports bettors. When they first start, most people don’t know what they are doing. This is good for the bookmakers, as they don’t like to see bettors educated. “We focus on teaching core betting concepts like line-shopping, which gets bettors into our community.”

OddsJam gives users an easily-understandable display which compares odds across multiple sportsbooks. It shows the best line for any given bet, saving time and reducing the amount of searching for the most advantageous lines. OddsJam allows users to sort their results by league and sport.

It also provides a variety of tools that a sports bettors might need in one location. OddsJam offers tools to help you calculate parlay, hold, expected values, and vig.

OddsJam is available on a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription basis. Different levels of membership offer additional benefits.

Monahan has an extensive background in mathematics and data. He founded OddsJam in 2022 with a friend from college. When he founded the company, he brought his expertise in trading to the world of gambling.

Trading is highly quantitative, data-driven and logical. This is also gambling on financial markets. “I got into sports gambling after it became legal in Pennsylvania, because most of the people who I worked with did.”

Honing your craft

OddsJam is aimed at bettors that want to improve and learn. The service is designed to help bridge the gap that exists between newbies and sharps.

Monahan claims that the sports betting industry is growing rapidly, and many people are looking for a product that uses data, not only a ‘pick’. OddsJam has odds on every market including NBA player props. OddsJam’s data is far superior to that of most odds comparison websites. OddsJam updates odds in real time, every second. This is one of the fastest sites on the web.

Monahan says that OddsJam is committed to building a community for sports bettors who share similar values.

He says, “We are very active on Twitter, Discord and YouTube.” Our target market is interested sports bettors. The audience does not need to be wealthy. No college education is required. “They just need to be motivated to improve.”

It is a noble objective, given how fast the world of sports betting moves.

Many sports bettors find it difficult to understand how odds work. Most people are not familiar with ‘vigorish’ or how sportsbooks earn money. “I know I didn’t understand it at first.”

OddsJam provides 1:1 consultations with betting experts for bettors that need more of a personal touch.

“We do 1:1 calls,” Monahan says. Many of these calls concern ‘line-shopping,’ or getting the best odds. Our experts are well-trained to answer any question the client may have. Many users don’t understand the odds. Some users are novices and don’t know what the odds are.

Data angle

Data is the glue that binds together OddsJam. Monahan’s expertise allows him to continually improve the platform.

He says that OddsJam relies on data in real time and the odds. There are no BS predictions or other such things. We will keep these tools and continue to invest in our tracker. “We don’t need complex tools.”

Monahan’s future plans are simple. Monahan’s vision for OddsJam is simple, without corporate jargon or frills.

We want to produce useful content and continue building data-driven tools for bettors. “I’d say it is the only item on our agenda.”

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