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iGaming talks: Kiril Nestorovski of GR8 Tech.

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Kiril Nestorovski is the Sales Director of GR8 Tech and he discusses the most important topics in this week’s iGaming Talks. He also highlights the key features of the company’s flagship platform – the GR8 Sportsbook.

He also provides insight into the latest developments and updates in the services and products that are offered to customers. Find out the main objectives and challenges they are prioritizing in the coming year.

TheGamblest: GR8 Tech is a fast-moving company in iGaming, Kiril, can you provide an overview of your flagship product – the GR8 Sportsbook platform, and its key features?

Kiril The GR8 Sportsbook is a platform that seamlessly blends comprehensiveness and adaptability. Over 2,000 different betting options are available across 50+ sports, including esports. There’s something for every bettors’ preferences.

Our platform has been optimized for mobile devices, as everyone uses their phone these days. We also offer native apps. We’ve developed sophisticated risk management tools and advanced data analytics, as well as a powerful personalization engine. The operators can make informed decisions and capture valuable insights to run their businesses effectively.

Our GR8 Sportsbook has a unique feature: its tools for managing margins. These make it more engaging, and generate more revenue. Our sportsbook operations are successful because we balance attractive odds with profit for our clients.

We allow operators to customize the frontend of our platform to their own style, branding and look. This ensures a smooth experience for players throughout their journey.

The GR8 Sportsbook provides a reliable, rich and user-friendly betting experience to both operators and players.

TheGamblest: How does GR8 Tech stay ahead of the game in terms of iGaming business development trends, and how does this influence your product development strategy?

KirilAt GR8 tech, our goal is to set the iGaming trend. We’re ahead of the game thanks to our proactive approach in business strategy and product development. We ensure that our products are responsive to changing market needs by fostering innovation, and working closely with clients and other stakeholders. It is our commitment to lead, not follow, that keeps our products fresh, and puts our clients in front of the competition.

TheGamblest: Can you discuss any recent developments or updates regarding the GR8 Sportsbook platform and how they have benefited your clients?

KirilRecently, we introduced a new feature, Odds Booster to our GR8 Sportsbook Platform. This game changer is designed to increase the visibility of odds with low margins, ensuring players know and are able to capitalize on best-value bets. The Odds Booster increases players’ engagement with the platform, and gives operators a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Odds Booster represents the latest of a series of updates we are rolling out to the GR8 Sportsbook Platform. Some updates are driven by clients while others are proactive initiatives created from within our team. The goal is to improve our products for all parties involved, including operators and players. Recent client feedback confirms that the current strategy is working.

TheGamblest: GR8 Tech fosters various collaboration and communication with its clients, how do you ensure their needs are met throughout the development and implementation process?

Kiril We value our long-term partnerships with operators and place a high priority on collaboration and communication, even beyond development and implementation. We can adapt the GR8 Platform to our customers’ needs by using custom-tailored services.

Listening actively is the first step in a codevelopment process where the client’s feedback will be integral to the development of the product. After implementation, we provide training, support and a one-month hypercare period, which is, in our opinion, a VIP service. Our clients are monitored for performance to make sure they fully utilize the capabilities of our platform and reach their goals.

TheGamblest: Our readers would also like to know how the team mitigates potential risks or challenges that may arise during the implementation or operation of its products, particularly within today’s super competitive industry?

KirilThere is a two-pillar strategy to reduce potential risks in the use and implementation of our products. These are client communication and quality. We are open and transparent throughout the whole process of the negotiations. There is no sense in trying to sell something the company can’t deliver. Our clients will be kept fully informed throughout the entire implementation process. This builds a trusting relationship based on clarity and transparency. We can anticipate challenges, which inherently exist within our industry. By working together we are able to address them. Our outstanding technical team is instrumental in providing robust and reliable products.

TheGamblest: If it’s not a secret, Kiril, could you elaborate on GR8 Tech’s long-term vision and goals for its product portfolio, particularly in relation to emerging technologies and market trends?

Kiril Our ambition is to become a lifelong partner with our clients by providing them with the best service and technological solutions, which will empower and accelerate their growth and ambitions in the iGaming Industry.

We always approach technology and trends with a pragmatic mindset. We evaluate the new technologies in light of the business requirements and tangible benefits that they can provide to our clients. The goal is not to adopt technology just for its novelty, but rather, integrate solutions that improve the user’s experience, increase operational efficiency and help drive business success.

TheGamblest: How do you measure the success of your products and services, and what metrics or KPIs do you prioritize when evaluating client satisfaction and business outcomes?

Kiril Measuring success is difficult in iGaming because it’s like trying to hit a moving object. We look at many metrics to evaluate the success of a project: engagement of players, retention rate, CSAT, NPS, and of course, bottom line.

By prioritizing these metrics, we can maintain a balance between client satisfaction and performance. We can continuously monitor and analyze to adapt our offerings and strategies in order to satisfy the changing needs of clients and achieve sustainable growth. The most important thing is to know if our clients are satisfied. It’s about trust and building long-term relations.

TheGamblest: What advice would you offer to businesses considering partnering with GR8 Tech for their iGaming technology needs, and what sets GR8 Tech apart as a trusted partner in the industry?

Kiril For businesses seeking a trustworthy partner within the iGaming industry, I have a simple but essential advice: find a partner who speaks your language and understands your problems, is familiar with the dynamics of the market, is flexible, and can adapt to the latest technological advancements.

We are confident that GR8 Tech is aligned perfectly with this explanation and invite you to get in touch with us. Let’s have a discussion to identify and solve the challenges of your iGaming operation, and propel it towards new heights. We are committed to empowering and expanding our client’s businesses. This is what makes us unique.

We have more interviews coming up with iGaming professionals.

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