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Chalkline, OfficePools.com and FTP Pool Betting Partner

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Chalkline signed an agreement to launch its new sports portal for free. The platform OfficePools.com offers ice hockey pools betting.

Chalkline stated that OfficePoolsBets was a natural evolution for OfficePools.com which is active since over 25 years. The gaming industry has evolved in Canada, and throughout North America.

Chalkline offers a free-to play platform that OfficePoolsBets.com can use during peak times of NHL Playoffs and NBA Playoffs as well as European Soccer Championships.

Chalkline, the owner of OfficePools.com, is the ideal partner for a future regulated environment of sports betting.

Daniel Kustelski is the chief executive officer of Chalkline. He added, “Graham, and his team at OfficePools.com, are integral to what it means for a Canadian sports fan.”

You can read the complete story at iGB North America.

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