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Andrew Rhodes opens Consumer Protection Zone in ICE

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Andrew Rhodes will be the chief executive officer of GB Gambling Commission and the Consumer Protection Zone at ICE London in 2024.

Rhodes opens CPZ at 11:30am on the 6th of February, which is also the day ICE begins.

The announcement will be made after CPZ donors and supporters reveal a PS41,000 contribution to a charity that promotes safer gambling. This donation is made possible by Light & Wonder and Neccton. It brings the total amount raised over the past four years to 238,000 PS.

On 6 February, Rhodes will be opening the CPZ at 11.30AM

ICE London will be held from the 6-8th of February. From 2025, the exhibition will be held at Fira de Barcelona.

Ewa Bakun of Clarion Gaming’s director of Industry Insight and Engagement said that it is logical for Rhodes, the opening of this year’s CPZ.

Bakun said that “the CPZ, which was suggested by Tim Miller of the Gambling Commission, is the perfect venue for the opening ceremony in 2024, as it will be the final London event before we move to Barcelona the following year,” he added.

The biggest CPZ ever recorded

Bakun confirmed this, too. This year’s CPZ was the biggest ever with over 20 participating booths.

Bakun added that “ICE was the first B2B gaming exhibition to have a section on the floor dedicated to safe gambling.” Since its launch in 2018, the CPZ’s size and popularity has increased to such an extent that post show research confirms it is the most popular ICE feature.

Tracy Skenandore is vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility at Light & Wonder. She said that the company decided to support CPZ to promote responsible gaming initiatives and sustainable practices.

Donation recipients at last year’s Consumer Protection Zone at ICE London

Skenandore said, “With our employee, player and community’s best interests at the forefront, we are committed to investing in charitable organizations that help our communities and foster sustainability. We also support responsible gaming and encourage our players to be more aware of their actions. This builds a culture of diversity and inclusion where belonging and equity can flourish.”

It’s because of all these reasons that we chose to donate to the Consumer Protection Zone, along with our industry partners. We want to help charities both in the UK and abroad who will have a lasting effect.

Michael Auer is the managing director at OpenBet Neccton. He added that donations made to CPZ have a positive impact on charities that address gambling-related harm.

He said: “The CPZ is at the forefront of player protection, safer gaming and charitable donations. Its contributions make a difference every year to those charities that support positive play or fight gambling-related harm.”

The last year was pivotal for the global regulatory environment and we anticipate that the Zone will be a focal point of many ICE participants.

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