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iGB Pentasia Salary Survey – The Power of Company Values

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Values are more than just words. Sarah Kane, Pentasia writes that they could be a deciding factor for a potential candidate to choose your company over another.

Here is a breakdown by chief marketing and growth Officer Brooke Petersen of this year’s iGB Pentasia Salary survey.

Company values are a key factor in today’s highly competitive recruiting landscape. They can set one company apart from another. In this article, we will focus on a major area for the iGB Pentasia Salary Survey.

Candidate’s look for an employer that has a good culture and is ethically aligned. A company with clearly-defined and strongly held values is a strong proposition.

This is true only if the values of your business are genuine. Candidate can easily tell if a company values are just words in a website, or if they’re a driving force behind its everyday operations. It’s important to live your values, not just have them. Pentasia is a place where we live by these values.

Pentasia’s goal is to grow.

Pentasia, and Conexus Group as a whole, has a mission to help our customers grow. In order to achieve our mission, we will develop long-term strategic relationships. We want to move beyond the transactional recruitment approach many providers use.


Pentasia shares our values not only with Conexus, but also the rest of Conexus Group. We work together across the Conexus Group to provide support for our clients. It is important that we work together.

We focus our efforts at Pentasia, and in the Conexus Group as a whole, on:

Consider thinking laterally

Relationships are more important than transactions

Make time

* Know your stuff deeply

Why is it important for you to value our values? We understand that recruitment is not only about filling positions. Finding the best fit to support growth and development is important.

We are not simply looking for a candidate. This means we’re not just finding you a candidate.

We foster an innovative workplace culture by living our values. It also helps to build trust, and improves our service quality for clients and co-workers.

Sarah Kane, chief people officer of Pentasia parent company The Conexus Group is a member of the

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