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iGB Pentasia Salary Survey – Stability finally?

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The sixth annual iGB Pentasia Salary Survey is the most comprehensive global igaming salary benchmarking survey in the industry. Pentasia managing director Alastair Cleland gives an introduction to this year’s edition.

In this year’s iGB Pentasia Salary Survey, the issue of wage spirals in the industry is the main topic. The iGB Pentasia salary survey also reveals the increased need for specialists in new markets and the negative effects of delays with the UK Gambling Act Review white paper.

In partnership with iGB, I’m pleased to announce our Annual Salary Survey Report. Our goal is to offer valuable insight into the changing igaming landscape. The survey provides a complete view of industry compensation trends and offers an insight into strategies to shape the future of the sector.

Salary increases across all sectors have been 3.98%. The sector’s remarkable growth since 2020 is the reason for this shift. The result has been a high demand for talents and wage inflation. The figures for this year reflect an igaming industry that has matured and is focused now on sustainable growth.

We expect that salaries will remain stable. While we don’t anticipate a decrease in salaries, wage growth will be more aligned to inflation. It will create a sustainable and predictable climate.

New growth, new markets

In the growing number of new markets, we see growth within this sector. This is the area where most of the new positions are created. The increasing activity in LatAm with particular emphasis on Brazil is a key development. Industry attention has been drawn to the imminent legalisation online sports and casino betting.

New markets are driving growth in gaming, says Pentasia managing director Alastair cleland

The demand in these areas for people with specific industry experience is high. Our extensive networks in the industry have been instrumental in helping us recruit for these positions. It’s important to have established relationships when navigating through the talent landscape in the industry.

The uncertainty created by the long delay in the publication of the UK Gambling Commission white paper, 9,000km away from Brazil cannot be overstated. The industry has been unable to invest and plan strategically because of this.

In such times, relationship-building is of paramount importance. It is important to build relationships with people who are not just disillusioned by a lack direction but can also contribute in a strategic way. By building these relationships, companies are better positioned to respond quickly to changes in regulations and market conditions.

The importance of partnerships in achieving success

Strategic partnerships are essential in this dynamic environment. We’ve used this opportunity to showcase our values as a company in the report. We value our relationships more than transactions.

It’s an honor to lead the Pentasia team, where we are committed to building long-term partnerships with clients. We can continue to support their growth.

This report is intended to be a useful resource for your strategic decisions. It will help you ensure that the acquisition of talent and its retention are aligned with business objectives and growth plans.

Alastair Cleland, Director of Pentasia, part of Conexus Group

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