Home exhibition The launch of the iconic MARE BALTICUM gaming & tech summit at Tallinn Olympic Park Casino is a great way to network.

The launch of the iconic MARE BALTICUM gaming & tech summit at Tallinn Olympic Park Casino is a great way to network.

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HIPTHER is the leading European conference organizer in Gaming and Technology Industries. They are proud to announce that they have completed a 2024 revolutionary edition of their MARE Balticum Gaming and TECH Summit Series.

Between 3-5 June 2016, the #hipthers event brought in Tallinn, Estonia, some of best and distinguished companies and experts from iGaming and Technology industries, as well as Compliance. It offered a premium growth and networking experience to both local and international professionals.

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iGaming & Compliance updates

The first day of the Summit featured a variety of panels that focused on both local compliance standards and global trends. Experts debated and discussed the complexities of the iGaming Regulatory Landscape in the Baltics & Nordics. They also provided a brief overview of the regulatory frameworks of Serbia, Germany, Spain, USA and Estonia.

The delegates also had the opportunity to participate in an IMGL Masterclass on Navigating MiCA and EU AI Act as well as DSA for the Digital Age.

The Gaming Industry and Fintech: Blockchains, DAOs, and Fintech Exploring

The Summit provided valuable insight on the evolution and challenges of financial institutions. It explored the integration of Fintech and Blockchain and what it offers.

The experts presented the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organisations and explained how these organizations are transforming the gaming industry. They offer new opportunities for player-owned economies and transparent governance.

Explore Digital Engagement: Esports Dynamics and Gamification. Mobile Innovation. AI. Web3

The conference, which was entitled Gaming & TECH when it first began, covered a wide range of topics, from Gaming, and global challenges, opportunities, and threats within the eSports sector to the integration of gamification in iGaming, as well as the Digital Services Act, AI EU Act, for business, to Integrating Blockchain and Web3 Across Industry.

The Baltic Compliance Workshop in Web3, Fintech and Blockchain, a specially-designed workshop, featured interactive discussion and case studies.

Marketing and Organizational Culture Session

Speakers at the MARE BALTICUM Summit provided insights, ideas, and food for thought on all aspects of Marketing in GameTech. They began with the powerful collab that SEO and Affiliate Marketing websites have, before highlighting how B2B meets B2C to achieve commercial success.

HIPTHER, in keeping with its commitment to offer valuable knowledge on the entire spectrum of GameTech operation, innovates and adds the issue of Organizational Culture into the Industry’s Conference Agenda. This is done under the expert guidance of Organizational Culture Designers.

MARE Balticum Networking Sessions

On 3 June, the magical MARE BALTICUM Experience began with an Welcome Meeting held in the luxurious environment of Olympic Park Casino.

Balanced nutrition and wellness have always been a part of HIPTHER Conferences. This time, the Team even upped their game by including a special Mindful Breathing & Morning Yoga Session, led by a yoga instructor certified to teach. The session was designed to help open the first day with calmness and focus. Day 2, also known as Global Running Day, was opened on the 5th of June with a “traditional” morning networking run.

Snacks, coffee, and delicious vegan food were served to attendees during the coffee and lunch breaks. They encouraged networking, as well as a new experience in taste.

The Baltic & Scandinavian Gaming Awards Ceremony Party with its exciting karaoke-stage and the Closed Party offering a private concert, pizza and drinks, brought together people and made the event a social and fun experience for everyone!

Future of Gaming & Technology – MARE Balticum 2025 and European Gaming Congress

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HIPTHER is preparing a brand new All-Gaming Conference Experience. We invite you to join us at the European Gaming Congress 2024, which will take place in Warsaw, Poland, on the 15-16th of October. There, we’ll discuss the Gambling Industry, iGaming Innovations, Marketing (Communication Affiliate SEO), Organizational Culture and Fintech Evolution.

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