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Ibex.ai Integration expands Flows’ marketing and retention abilities

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Through a partnership, Flows, a specialist in no-code integration and automation will offer Ibex.ai’s expertise on marketing automation to clients.

The partnership allows Flows’ customers to deploy Ibex’s retention solutions. Machine learning is used to predict and analyse customer reactions to marketing campaigns.

Ibex will select the most effective promotion for each customer to maximize their lifetime value. It also chooses the right channel, messaging and timing of the offer.

The tool optimises key business performance indicators and factors in financial parameters to calculate a profit-loss for every player.

James King, Flows’ chief executive officer said: “We welcome Ibex.ai to our pre-integrated network of exchanges. This cutting-edge solution can reduce bonus expenses and increase profits for partners.”

Through our strategic partnerships, we commit to offering customers an objective solution. They can choose who they want to work with, and in what way. We don’t compromise on the efficiency.

The platform does not require any manual integration, and customers can access tools directly from the website. It can be activated by clicking on a template.

Thomas Aigner, Ibex.ai’s head of business development and head of the Flows platform at Ibex.ai says that Flows is the “perfect complement” to their self-driving solution for retention.

He explained that “this collaboration will allow us to offer CRM Teams a hybrid-model which provides manual journey controls where needed, but also fully automates retention activities for certain parts of the players base.” We are eager to see the results of operators who use our pre-built travels.

In the last few months, Flows has seen its customer base grow with clients such as Italian operators Vincitu Group, Octavian Lab and Norwegian gaming community hub Kongebonus.

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