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Greek Slot Players: Classic themes and lower stakes

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How have Greek slot players responded to the higher EUR20 stake cap in 2022?

Slot Trumps expands to Greece, its third country. The company is assessing if a lengthy regulatory process created new opportunities for growth for the igaming industry.

Slot machines were in the sights of the government throughout this entire process. The first step was to ban any games that used a random-number generator. The ban was eventually lifted. However, the initial market had a EUR2 maximum stake per spin and three second delay between each spin.

Has the maximum wager limit in Greece been raised from EUR20 to EUR20 in May 2022?

Greeks prefer the Classics

According to EveryMatrix Slot Trumps Romania is also a Balkan nation that focuses on slot classic themes. The best-performing games are those with animals or fruit symbols. These make up 17,6% and 15% respectively of the 1,865 most popular SlotMatrix slots.

Greek players prefer the classics too, and especially features that give them more time to play, such as free games, found in 60 percent of most-played slots. Wilds are a popular base-game feature in Greece.

The average bet size in Greece remains small

Slot Trumps Greece: Lower stakes, longer sessions

Slot Trumps Greece Dashboard shows that Greek players are betting less, despite the increased stake limit.

The average bet per spin on SlotMatrix is EUR0.79. The impact of Greece’s maximum wager cap is shown here. It is significantly less than the EUR2.59 bet average in Romania and below even the EUR1.04 bet by Brazilian players.

Similar to Romanian players, Greeks prefer slots with medium volatility, however they are much more active. Greek players spend an average of 6.2 hours on SlotMatrix’s 20 most popular games. This is higher than Romania (4.1) and Brazil (5.11).

EveryMatrix says, “What is more, Greek players place significantly more wagers per gaming session than counterparts from Brazil or Romania.”

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