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England Cricketer Carse is banned from playing after betting violation

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English bowler Brydon Care will be banned from cricket for violating betting regulations.

Carse will receive a 13-month suspension from his 16-month punishment.

Brydon can still train with his team Durham during the ban that will last until August 28.

A 28-year old man is accused of placing 303 wagers between 2017 and 2019 on different matches.

Carse placed no bets during the games he participated in. The Cricket Regulator stated that Carse accepted the charge and showed “significant remorse”.

It is the responsibility of The Cricket Regulator to monitor compliance with and enforce game regulations in England. The Cricket Regulator was created in December 2023, and it is a separate entity from the England and Wales Cricket Board.

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The ECB said: “We are extremely serious about these issues and will not tolerate any anti-corruption breaches in cricket.”

We support the Cricket Regulator’s decision, and the consideration they gave to the mitigating circumstances in Brydon’s case. The cricketer has shown that he is remorseful and has cooperated. Brydon’s growth and increased understanding of responsibility in the past five years has been a positive development.

We hope that the case of this cricketer can be used as an example to other players.

There is nothing to indicate that there are any integrity issues with Carse, according to the Cricket Regulator.

According to current regulations, professional cricket players, coaches, and support staff are not allowed to bet anywhere on the game.

Cricket Regulator

Dave Lewis, interim director of the Cricket Regulator, said: “The Cricket Regulator will take any violation of integrity or misconduct laws seriously.”

They should not wait to be discovered.” “Therefore I urge any professional cricket player who gambled in the game of cricket to come forward.” “They should not be waiting to discover.”

Carse is a South African born player who qualifies for England via ancestry. He completed his England residency in 2019 and has been playing in England since then.

In July 2021, he made his England ODI debut against Pakistan. Carse played 14 ODIs and three Twenty20s.

Corruption and anti-corruption violations

The authorities of cricket are cracking down more on those players who violate anti-corruption laws.

The International Cricket Council banned Nasir Hussain, a Bangladeshi cricketer, for two years in January.

Marlon Sampson, the former West Indies footballer who played for West Indies in the 1980s and 1990s, was banned from playing professionally after he violated a number of codes against corruption.

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