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Cricketer international banned from playing for 2 years due to anti-corruption violations

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The ICC has banned Nasir Hussain, a Bangladeshi cricketer from playing any cricket for the next two years because he violated the anti-corruption code of the Emirates Cricket Board.

Hossain accepted three corruption charges. He last represented Bangladesh in 2018. Article 2.4.3 was one of them, as he failed to declare the gift of a new iPhone 12 worth $750.

Hossain is one of eight Pune Devils players, officials and others charged. These offences relate to an attempt to corrupt Abu Dhabi T10 Cricket League games in 2021. The charges were brought even though the attempt was disrupted.

Hossain can play cricket internationally again in April of 2025 after six months have been lifted from his two-year suspension.

Pune Devils staff and co-owners also face punishment

The ICC flagged Hossain along with a few of the Pune Devils’ coaching staff as well as their co-owners Krishan Chaudhary & Parag Sanghvi.

Chaudhary is accused of violating Article 2.4.5, which relates to passing on information about corrupt practices to authorities. Chaudhary faces charges of breaching Article 2.4.5 on passing information to the relevant authorities about corrupt activities.

Sanghvi is also accused of violating article 2.4.6, which prohibits betting on matches in cricket, and breaking Article 2.2.1, regarding the placing of bets.

Other people facing charges are batting coach Ashar Zaidi and team manger Shadab Ahmed. The two coaches are charged with violating the rules relating to corruption in Cricket, along with Sunny Dhillon.

Ban on former West Indies star Samuels for 6 years

Marlon Samls, a West Indies T20 World Cup champion and two-time winner, received a 6-year ban by the ICC in November due to anti-corruption violations.

Samuels was found guilty by an independent anti-corruption court of four offenses. This corrupt behavior occurred in the 2019 Abu Dhabi T10 Cricket League. Samuels played for the Pune Devils (then called Karnataka Tuskers) and the Pune Devils.

Samuels has been banned by the authorities from participating in professional cricket matches until 2029. Samuels was also prohibited by the authorities in 2008 after he had been found guilty of corrupt offences.

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