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Weerwind, the Dutch minister of justice and home affairs announces new measures to combat problem gambling

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The Netherlands Minister for Legal Protection, Franc Werwind, announced that new measures will be taken to protect the players against problem gambling.

Weerwind wrote the letter in response to “worrying developments and unwelcome trends” within the Dutch gambling industry. Weerwind decided that the new government plans would be implemented before the 2024 evaluation of the Remote Gambling Act.

In the new measures announced Thursday, providers are required to reach out to players who set deposit limits of EUR350. The operators should warn these players about the dangers of betting such large amounts.

CasinoNieuws reported that Weerwind also proposed displaying financial amounts in Euros and urging further research into gaming limits.

Weerwind launched a digital resilience programme in October to fight fraud related to online gambling.

Weerwind wrote in his letter: “Anyone who wishes to can play games of chance with responsibility.” Responsible gaming, however, can become problematic.

The players must know about this, and they should be protected. It isn’t happening fast enough. Researchers have found that betting providers often encourage their players to wager more than they are able to afford.

With these measures we force providers to intervene sooner and give players greater control over their gambling behaviour. It gives the players greater protection from excessive gambling.

NOGA’s response to Weerwind’s proposals

Peter-Paul de Goeij warned Weerwind, the chairman of Dutch Online Gambling Association NOGA that his plan could make gambling “unattractive”.

De Goeij said, “It’s good that the Minister clarifies the rules of safe gambling. This makes the duty to care more tangible.”

We must be very careful not to make legal gambling too inattractive. The proposal will be carefully studied and we’ll make improvements to it.

Helma Lodders of the Licensed Dutch Online Gaming Providers VNLOK highlighted two points in Weerwind’s letter which need to be further examined.

Lodders explained that “firstly, the imposed measures actually work to keep as few problem players as possible.”

The legal offers must remain attractive to the majority of participants who act responsibly. This is crucial to stop them returning to illegal supplies.

The Dutch Gaming Authority has begun consultations on new rules

The Netherlands Gaming Authority, KSA, has begun its consultations on the Responsible Gaming Rules.

In the new regulations, providers must recognize and act upon excessive gambling signs within one hour. Players who deposit more than EUR700 net in a month are contacted by phone and asked to provide proof of their income. The limit drops to EUR300 per month for 18-24 year olds.

In addition, the new regulations include an end to advertising that is not targeted and a crackdown on celebrities who promote gambling.

The KSA will receive responses from all parties before the 1st of February 2024. It is hoped that the new rules will be published in April.

In a report published by the KSA in September, it was found that operators were not taking care of players and they could suffer “serious injury”.

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