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They offer a comprehensive turn-key Live Streaming and Video On Demand (VOD) Platform. This cost-effective video streaming platform can be seamlessly integrated into existing websites using their LIVE STREAM Application Programming Interface (API). This solution empowers viewers to engage in real-time conversations with hosts and fellow viewers within their audience. Broadcasts can be presented as live streams or pre-recorded events, accessible on websites, desktops, mobile devices, or set-top boxes. Importantly, this platform eliminates the need for expensive proprietary hardware typically associated with such applications.

Key features integrated into their platform include:

Broadcasting at 480p, 720p, or 1080i Resolutions
Access to a fully integrated broadcast web portal service for audience engagement
Swift setup with minimal hardware requirements, including a Camera, Encoder, and Internet Connection
Exceptionally low connection bandwidth demands while maintaining superior video quality for an enhanced viewer experience
Support for various technologies including Flash, Silverlight, and QuickTime, ensuring delivery to desktops, set-top boxes, and mobile devices.
This streaming solution caters to a diverse range of users, including Internet broadcasters, commentators, event producers, community organizations, schools, religious groups, and convention organizers, among others. It offers a complete audio/video IP streaming solution for both Live and File-based Video Scheduling and Play-out. The platform allows for the creation of “Private, Programmable IPTV Channels” with remote video scheduling, serving purposes such as scheduled broadcasting for CATV or IPTV, VOD, and digital signage applications. The Audio/Video Scheduling System encompasses the Server, Encoder, Media Player, and other optional network-connected devices.


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