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MADLORD – SOUND FROM BEYOND – music composition & sound design

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MADLORD is a premium brand that specializes in providing audio productions for the online gambling, casino games, and video games industry. We offer services such as music composition, sound design, voice overs, win sounds, sound effects, and more. Our team understands the emotions of players and knows how to enhance their gaming experience with the right sounds and music. We go above and beyond to elevate productions in the gambling audio industry. With over a decade of experience, we have created outstanding music soundtracks for some of the most revered online slots and video slot games. We have also created the largest custom-made AAA audio production for a slot game in the online or land-based casino industry. Our goal is to help you take your game to the next level and give you a competitive edge with our premium audio and musical treatment. We offer additional services such as improving your current sound implementation, providing new ideas to make your games more engaging, and offering evaluation and advice on your current approaches. Our clients include RABCAT, PLAY’N GO, FOXIUM, TOM HORN GAMING, and GOLDEN ROCK STUDIOS. Famous people have praised our work, with one saying, “I was knocked out! Absolutely knocked out! I can’t think of anyone doing what he is doing and offering the quality of music.” Enter the exclusive world of MADLORD and experience the future of game audio.


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