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Integrated Games is a company that specializes in providing online gaming systems for casino games, sports, and play for fun. Our team consists of experienced software developers and executives who have a background in both land-based and online gambling. Our company is led by a former Ladbroke executive, ensuring that we have the expertise needed to deliver high-quality gaming solutions.

We offer two types of solutions to our clients. Firstly, we provide turnkey solutions through a network of resellers. This means that our clients can easily access and implement our gaming systems without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Secondly, we also offer client hosted applications, allowing our clients to have more control over their gaming platforms.

It is important to note that our software is designed for real money wagering. Therefore, it can only be deployed in jurisdictions where online gaming is licensed and regulated. This ensures that our clients can operate legally and in compliance with local regulations.

To enhance the functionality of our gaming systems, we collaborate with leading technology vendors. This allows us to seamlessly integrate third-party software and products into our Integrated Games Solution. We strive to provide our clients with a wide variety of options and ensure that their gaming platforms are efficient and user-friendly.


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