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The 12 best iGaming software providers in 2024

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Software providers in the online gaming industry play an important role. We have selected some of the most reputable providers.

Casinos today are very different than they were in the past; this transformation is easily recognizable. Technology has advanced and fundamentally altered the gaming industry. This is evident by the modern iGaming providers with whom operators have partnered today.

Casinos that offer a variety of games with stunning visuals and sound effects are preferred by players. Software providers are vital in this regard, because they ensure the satisfaction of the users and provide them with the entertainment that they desire, which is an added bonus for the operators.

What does an iGaming provider do?

The backbone of the online gambling industry is an iGaming provider, who develops, supplies, and maintains the tools and infrastructure required to run gambling platforms. It includes the development of the actual games, but also the systems behind the scenes that handle player accounts, payment, and many other functions. Software providers must also manage the licensing processes for operators to allow them to operate in the market.

These companies, in essence, are driving forces behind the industry of online casinos. They develop the technology core that allows users to safely and securely gamble from their mobile devices. Software providers can create neoteric versions of these games.

Different types of iGaming Software Providers

We are able to categorize providers in today’s gaming industry that relies heavily on the most advanced iGaming Software.

Developers of games

The key players of iGaming are game developers, who create casino games such as slots, table and card games, bingo games, and games with a live dealer. The game developers translate the designers’ designs into clean code. They work with tech teams and dive into VR/AR and AI.

Platform providers

iGaming platforms play a vital role in this industry by providing solutions to manage casino sites and betting websites efficiently. The focus is on the development and maintenance of gaming platforms. They also provide tools such as payment processing, customer service, and regulatory compliance. To deliver an integrated gaming experience, they bridge the gap that exists between operators and game developers.

Sport Betting Software Suppliers

Sports betting software is a specialty of iGaming. Sports betting software providers suggest sportsbook platforms and features such as live wagering. They also recommend real-time data, odds management as well as compliance with regulatory requirements. These services seamlessly integrate into other iGaming products, enhancing the overall user experience.

Which iGaming suppliers offer what?

Software providers have to take into account a number of factors when creating games. These include game themes, graphics, control for slot machines and other games as well as mathematical model that forms the foundation.

Many providers release software in different formats. A provider may offer their most popular slots as downloads, instant-play, or mobile versions. Casinos that create their own proprietary software follow a similar approach.

Most casinos offer their players a variety of formats to suit their preferences and needs. Others may opt for instant play, mobile gaming or downloading the software.

Partnering with iGaming Software providers vs. Develop Your Own Software

Operators in the dynamic iGaming market face a tough choice between using the best software suppliers and creating their own. We’ll explore each of the strategies to assist casinos with their decisions.

The benefits of partnering up with iGaming software providers:

  • Massive Selection of Games: Choose from a wide range of games developed by the best developers.
  • Rapid Market Entry: Enter the market quickly with software that has already been developed and tested.
  • Enjoy the benefits of constant updates, new games and game releases.
  • Support: Technical support is available to ensure a better gaming experience.
  • Integrate seamlessly with different gaming niches such as sports betting, online and live casinos.

Pros and Cons of Partnering with iGaming software providers:

  • Limitations based on location: Some casinos may be restricted if they are located in certain areas or have a specific license.
  • The Dependence of Providers. Relying on one supplier limits customization options and can create an element of dependence.
  • Profit sharing: The iGaming provider should receive a portion of all revenue generated.

The advantages of creating your own iGaming software:

  • Fully Customized: The software can be customized and features implemented by casinos.
  • No revenue sharing: There is no need to share revenues with third party suppliers.
  • Independence: Reducing risks and limitations associated with dependence on one supplier.

Pros and cons of creating in-house iGaming software:

  • Capital Investment: The initial investment in time and resources to create proprietary software is large.
  • Launch Time: In-house development of software can take longer to launch a product than off-the shelf solutions.
  • Hiring competent developers. Finding and hiring developers with experience to manage your software can be a daunting task.

What is the best iGaming provider to use for your Casino?

It is important to choose the best provider when launching your online casino. This decision will have a major impact on the future of your iGaming website and determine its success. Before you make your decision, consider these key factors:

  • Choose licensed software– Authorized companies can make a huge contribution to setting up and building your company’s reputation.
  • User Preferences: Understanding the needs and interests of your audience, both locally and globally, is crucial. Your game selection must match your customers’ preferences. In Asian markets there is a high preference for live dealers and slot machines, while the American market has a great deal of interest in sports betting, lotteries, and other forms of gambling. You can maximize your profits by carefully curating the content of your casino and promoting it.
  • Choose popular titles and follow the latest updates. Choose an iGaming provider who offers a wide range of exciting games. When attracting an audience, it is essential to provide a diverse game library and consider each player’s preferences and needs.
  • Choose a provider with an excellent reputation – this is important. Select a provider that offers high-quality, forward thinking software. Partnering with a reputable and established provider will help you to build a strong audience and engage more users.
  • Don’t forget to prioritize the best graphics. The graphics are the first thing that people see. It is important to choose a service provider that can consistently deliver sharp and clear graphics.
  • Don’t skip the advanced filters to discover your perfect iGaming supplier for your specific requirements. You can use this tool to specify your needs and receive relevant results.
  • When selecting an iGaming provider, you should consider several important aspects. Included are integrated CRM systems, extensive training, marketing assistance with tools like promotional materials and bonus engines, as well as robust risk management and data management software.
  • Regulations – Navigating the iGaming industry requires adhering complex regulatory frameworks, and obtaining the necessary licenses. It is important to note that meeting these standards does not only serve as a legal requirement, but also as a sign of trustworthiness. Verify that the iGaming provider you choose has the correct licenses in the regions where your operations will be conducted. The commitment of your platform to compliance with regulations not only builds trust amongst players, but it also helps you build trust and credibility in the eyes of regulatory authorities.

The best iGaming providers on the market

There are many top-tier providers on the market, those who offer games that people want. TheGamblest has compiled a list with the top iGaming Software companies who are known for their quality and solutions.

  • Evolution Gaming

    Industry experience: 17 years

    Gaming Portfolio:40+

    Licenses: Sweden (BELGIUM), Malta (GREECE), UK, USA, Canada, Gibraltar

  • Microgaming

    Experience in the Industry: Twenty years

    Gaming Portfolio:850+

    Licences:UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Bulgaria, Curacao

  • NetEnt

    Experience in the Industry: Twenty years

    Gaming Portfolio:220+

    Licences:Malta, Belgium, Romania, Spain, USA, UK, Gibraltar

  • Playtech

    Experience in the Industry : Over 20 years

    Gaming Portfolio :700+

    Licences:UK, Malta

  • International Gaming Technology

    Industry experience: 8 Years

    Gaming Portfolio:200+

    Licenses: Malta Germany Sweden UK USA

  • BetSoft

    Experience in the Industry: 17 years

    Gaming Portfolio:200+

    Licences:Malta, Italy, Romania

  • Thunderkick

    Industry experience: Ten years

    Gaming Portfolio:50+

    Licenses: UK (UK), Malta, Sweden, Romania

  • PariPlay

    Industry experience: 13 years

    Gaming Portfolio:40+

    Licences:UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Sweden, Romania, USA, Canada, Greece

  • Bragg Gaming Group

    Industry experience: 20 years

    Gaming Portfolio:5000+

    Licenses: UK (Malta), Sweden, Greece, Romania

  • Push Gaming

    Industry experience: 13 years

    Gaming Portfolio:29+

    Licenses: UK (UK), Malta, Romania

  • Soft2Bet

    Experience in the Industry: 11 years

    Gaming Portfolio:8500+

    Licences: Malta Sweden Denmark Romania Italy

  • SkillOnNet

    Industry experience: 20 years

    Gaming Portfolio:3000+

    Licenses:UK, Malta, Sweden, Denmark, Spain

1. Evolution Gaming

In 2006, Evolution Gaming was founded and has since become a powerhouse in the gaming industry, offering a modern experience to players around the world. The company’s studios have expanded across North America and Canada as well as several European countries since its inception. It has more than a decade’s worth of experience and is listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm list since 7th June 2017, demonstrating it’s importance in iGaming globally.

In terms of the ethics and conduct of Evolution Gaming’s business, the organization has been licensed by reputable organizations such as the Alderney Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority (also known for its strict regulation), UK Gambling Association (UKGA), Belgium Gaming Commission and Romania National Gambling Office.

In its Live Casino, the supplier places a high priority on quality and fun. HD video feeds are praised for their ability to provide a great experience and allow clear viewing of the game. It is important to have this advantage, as it allows users to follow game proceedings.

By leveraging its cutting-edge technology, this company allows players to interact with real dealers in real time, creating an immersive experience that is unmatched in online gaming.

Evolution Gaming’s software has a lot of versatility. It is fully customizable and allows operators to customize live gaming according to their needs. Evolution Gaming has mastered the art of delivering seamless experiences that will keep players coming back for more.

2. Microgaming

Microgaming has been a leading supplier of online gaming software for almost 25 years. The Global Gaming Awards and International Gaming Awards as well as BEGE Expo and Casino Player have all recognized Microgaming’s outstanding innovations in digital software. Microgaming’s continued excellence is reflected in the fact that it has won at least one award each year since 2001.

Microgaming faced some challenges in the past, such as the liquidation in February 2008 of Tusk Investment Corporation Limited. This left 28 casino players without funds. However, Microgaming resolved this issue, and since then has had no similar issues.

Microgaming software includes over 800 games, of which 350 are mobile-friendly. Over 1,200 variants are available, giving players the opportunity to keep their favorite games interesting. The Microgaming Poker Network is also active in 26 poker rooms, making it one of the most established online poker sites.

Microgaming’s dedication to innovation is apparent in the introduction of its alluring digital gaming concepts. The provider, which was a pioneer of online poker and casinos, has now pushed the boundaries with its latest advances in virtual reality. The company’s unwavering goal is to provide users with ultra-modern, captivating experiences.

3. NetEnt

NetEnt has already established itself as one of the leading casino software providers. Its extraordinary creativity and content could be enough to dazzle.

This is due to the quality of its software. As evidenced by the impressive 21,4 billion gaming transactions they made in 2014, NetEnt has a large following of both players and operators. NetEnt continues to improve, with a sales growth of 28.5% in 2016.

NetEnt is now partnered with over 170 operators, and the demand for NetEnt’s software continues to grow. Over 220 mobile-friendly titles are available in the library.

NetEnt has been catapulted to the forefront of gaming due to their commitment to strategic undertakings and rapid progress. It is a company that has a strict sense of time, working hard to get their product on the market quickly.

NetEnt, in addition to being one of the first to enter the Italian authorized market in 2011, was the main provider in Denmark for 2012 for operators who needed to update their systems in order to meet regulatory requirements. The provider also achieved a successful software launch in Spain.

4. Playtech

Playtech, a company that is known worldwide for its reliability and wide range of services, has been a provider since 1999. It only works with licensed operators, underlining its commitment to fair and complete gaming.

Playtech took a decision in order to protect its reputation in America. In 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed, making real money gambling in America illegal. The company was able to improve its reputation both in Europe and Asia, as they are steadfast about their commitment to only operate in legal areas.

Playtech gaming software has stunning graphics. The company has a rapid launch schedule, but it still boasts incredible sound and graphics. This makes Playtech a favorite software among casinos.

Playtech has a wide range of gaming methods that cover nearly every facet. The company has over 5000 staff members who are solely focused on innovation. It also acquires different companies to improve its offering. Some notable acquisitions include GTS, a leading game aggregator, Virtue Fusion (the largest bingo provider in the UK), Ash Gaming (a premium gaming studio), Mobenga (a mobile gaming specialist), PTTS (an affiliate marketing expert), Intelligence Gaming and Poker Strategy.

Playtech was the first gaming software company to offer not just a platform for single players, but also one that allows multiplayer play. It also introduced the idea of using a single login to link all of your gaming. Playtech is a great choice for operators, as they can be sure that their software will evolve to suit the changing needs.

5. International Gaming Technology

IGT, a global iGaming provider with a wide range of products and services is a leading iGaming company. The company may not be a Tier One, but its diverse range of products makes it an important player in many areas.

IGT has a foray in casino gaming that covers a broad spectrum, including retail, interactive gaming and individual software as well as lotteries, which the company oversees at a whopping $30 billion per year.

IGT was a significant player in the industry by 1975. In 1984, they began to invest in computerized casino games when they acquired Electronic Data Technologies. This company operated the tracking software for users and reward programs.

IGT is known for their casino software that can be found in physical casinos. However, they have made significant progress over the past few years to expand the range of online casino games.

IGT, the world’s leading supplier of slot machines games, has over 75 titles that feature increasing jackpot bonuses. It is known for its Live Dealer and slot machines software, but it falls short of industry standards. IGT is a leader in several areas, but it needs to improve in this particular category.

6. BetSoft

It is the top software provider for all operators in the world. Betsoft’s stunning games and exciting tools set them apart from their competitors. The fact that they were able to reach a rare and large market was key in their initial success.

It is possible that their leniency was due to the licensing criteria of Curacao’s eGaming commission, known for its relaxed standards. Betsoft holds an additional license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, which has strict regulations.

Rarely do you see two regulatory agencies overseeing the same provider. It is reassuring that Betsoft has been vetted by both. Quinel has also evaluated Betsoft’s games for fairness using random number generators.

Betsoft has a long history of being a leading gaming software provider. Their pioneering 3D slots games began with their Slots3 launch in 2010. Their relevance will likely endure as long as they create new games using the latest technology.

Operators are attracted to their wide range of games, including table and slot machines. Their popularity is further cemented by their availability in online casinos across the world, including those located in the United States.

7. Thunderkick

Fresher names that can establish a reputation of cultivating games at the top level. Thunderkick began its journey in 2012. Its headquarters are currently located in Malta and Stockholm. They wanted to enhance and complement the experience of users, and have succeeded in this.

Thunderkick’s goal has been to create products that are exceptional, filled with innovative concepts and an ultramodern flair. Every game that they’ve created to date shows their skill in executing their concepts. Their entire portfolio is developed in-house by experts who handle all aspects of development.

The content created by the company can be found on more than 100 websites, but it is always looking for new ways to advance. Thunderkick also has UK and Malta licensing, which allows operators to enter multiple markets.

Thunderkick focuses on developing video slots that are prize-winning. It has decided to focus on this particular format and not include any live or table games. They have been able to combine their hard work with a truly impressive game because they are focusing exclusively on this format.

Thunderkick currently has more than 50 HTML5 games to its name. Each is a testament of their dedication and passion in creating slot machines that surpass players’ expectations. It is hard to choose a favourite Thunderkick title, as each new release exceeds the last. Thunderkick’s team puts their heart and soul into producing perfect content.

8. PariPlay

Pariplay is part of the Neogames Group and was founded in 2010. Since then, it has become an important content provider in the market. Software and games are available from this software supplier. It offers over 40 different titles. It is a B2B cross-media company that caters to global markets.

Pariplay is committed to safer gaming and incorporates rules, regulations and other features in its system. This allows it to provide the industry’s top entertainment and maintain social responsibility.

The company’s success and recognition is due to its approach, which involves creating a great work environment for employees. This results in high-quality and engaging iGaming material.

They have licenses for their games and software in over 15 markets worldwide, including UK, USA and European. Pariplay is certified by renowned gaming regulators around the world, such as United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), Malta Gaming Authority and Gaming Labs.

9. Bragg Gaming Group

Bragg Gaming Group is a leading supplier of iGaming technology and media for business-tobusiness. It has its headquarters in Toronto. Bragg Gaming Group, based in Toronto, is a leading provider of B2B gaming platforms. Bragg’s comprehensive service offering includes a B2B iGaming Platform, a Casino Content Aggregator, a Managed Sportsbook and managed services.

It offers an extensive range of products for online gambling, including both products developed internally and products aggregated from partners. They also provide remote server management and customer accounts, as well as engagement tools, and data.

Bragg Gaming is known for its seamless integration of online casinos. They offer ready-to go integration solutions based on their vast product catalogue, which is sourced from subsidiaries and their portfolio.

The company’s revenue has grown by an average of 70% per year since its inception. Bragg Gaming also boasts a collection of more than 10,000 casino games.

10. Push Gaming

Push Gaming, a leading iGaming provider company specializing on the development of engaging and advanced online casino games. Push Gaming, based in London in the United Kingdom and founded in 2010, has become a major player in the iGaming sector for its commitment to delivering a smooth experience and high-quality games.

It focuses on creating mobile slot games with stunning graphics, engaging themes and top-notch gameplay. Push Gaming’s library of entertainment titles includes a wide range of games, many with unique features and mechanics.

In 2013, however, the company decided to make a shift in its strategy and focus more on creating its own collection HTML5 games.

Push Gaming quickly gained a worldwide reputation as a creator of high-quality games. The portfolio of Push Gaming now includes over 30 exciting games that are available in more than 200 casino sites worldwide. The company is headquartered in London but also has an office in Malta. This allows it to extend its influence and reach.

Push Gaming’s dedication to game excellence has been recognized by numerous awards over the years. They have grown in popularity and reputation as a result of their constant efforts to remain at the forefront when it comes to innovation.

11. Soft2Bet

Soft2Bet, a fast-growing iGaming provider specializing online gambling, holds licenses issued by respected regulatory agencies. Soft2Bet has a portfolio that includes renowned casino brands such as Cadabrus, Betinia and CampoBet. The software developer has also launched successful projects such as YoyoCasino CampoBet ZulaBet.

Soft2Bet, with its seamless integration of more than 8,500 games from around the world, has developed over 60 successful websites. The company has a fruitful partnership with 120 studios of games and works with 150 payment providers.

Soft2Bet has a large global presence. Its well-established offices are strategically located in Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria. The company’s extensive geographic reach has gained it international recognition and respect. It also solidified its reputation as an esteemed and trusted entity.

Soft2Bet is a leader in many domains. Its primary focus is on providing comprehensive betting and casino services. They are experts in areas like Payments, Customer Assistance, Know your customer procedures and Risk Management. The importance of their White Label and Turnkey Solutions is worth noting.

12. SkillOnNet

SkillOnNet, founded in 2005 has seen a significant increase in its reputation and product line. The team has been instrumental in creating and producing software that is used in numerous online casinos.

They offer a large portfolio of more than 3000 slots and table game titles to white-label partners and turnkey companies, including aspects like payments and customer support. This game collection is carefully curated, from large providers who have massive slots catalogs down to small studios that only offer a handful of games. All are chosen to provide the best online gaming experience.

SkillOnNet is a leading provider of gaming software and services. The company’s services include back-office casino solutions, tools for risk management, compliance services and gaming license coverage. Their turnkey software will allow new customers to market their online casinos in multiple jurisdictions with confidence.

SkillOnNet provides gaming operators the tools they need to be successful in the rapidly growing and highly competitive gambling market. ‘s main features include stability, scaling, customization, rapid deployment, support and dedicated service, support in multiple languages, support for accepting different currencies and integration of PayPal and Bitcoin.


Does iGaming Software have a fairness?

In the gaming industry, it is essential to choose a reputable iGaming provider. External companies constantly check their software to ensure it is of a high standard. In addition, the major software companies also perform their own testing to provide extra protection for players and operators.

These situations can occur in rare instances, but thanks to today’s anti-fraud systems and regulated markets, they are easy to avoid. There are many highly-rated and reliable providers, so it’s relatively easy to avoid the rogue operators.

What is the most popular iGaming provider?

In the end, it’s a personal choice. Playtech table games may be preferred by some operators, while Microgaming may be the choice of others.

We believe, however, that the majority of smaller software companies, and even the larger ones, offer top-notch games. You should not overlook the casino’s overall experience and quality of games when choosing an iGaming provider.

Does it matter which software supplier the casino operator uses?

It does. There are many casino software suppliers on the market, but they all have different levels. It is crucial that players choose an operator that uses a reputable software provider to ensure a positive gaming experience.

Personal preference should also be taken into consideration. It’s important to choose a casino which offers games from the same supplier. Players prefer casinos with more games.

Why does a casino need software?

Software providers are chosen by online casinos because they have the latest technology and design cutting edge games to satisfy the needs of players, the primary goal of the casino.

It would take a lot of time and effort to create technology that matches the standard set by the external provider. This is why many casinos choose to work with an outside company. They can then focus on more important business aspects, like customer acquisition and retention.

The conclusion of the article is:

It is important to choose the best casino software providers when you are establishing your online casino. These companies will be the foundation of success for any operator. In the iGaming sector, there has been a significant amount of growth. Over time, many prominent brands emerged to cater for the needs of the leading operators. We’ve covered the key factors you should consider before selecting a provider of software to work with. However, the sheer number of variables to evaluate makes it difficult to reach a conclusion.

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