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The blockchain project is a joint venture between W2 and Crucial Compliance, nChain, and W2.

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Regulatory Compliance Services Provider W2 is partnering with Crucial Compliance, a player protection expert and technology provider nChain in order to provide blockchain-powered solutions for compliance.

Distributed Ledge Technology will provide solutions from W2 & Crucial Compliance as well as blockchain specialist technology from nChain to operators on global markets.

Three businesses have announced a collaboration that will enhance the compliance suite currently provided by W2 Compliance and Crucial Compliance. This partnership is expected to help operators meet regulatory requirements and ensure their compliance processes and tools are future proofed.

W2 CEO Warren Russell stated that “protecting players shouldn’t be difficult. By combining W2 tools and knowledge with Crucial Compliance, and nChain we have created a solution which puts the players’ needs first. It also makes compliance easy for operators.”

Paul Foster, the chief executive of Crucial Compliance, said: “Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is the future for regulatory compliance and players protection. This collaboration between W2, Crucial, and nChain will allow our operator partners leverage this huge potential while future proofing tomorrow.

nChain’s sales director Nick Hill said that this new product would further help operators in the blockchain industry to mitigate risk.

Hill stated that “we are very passionate about how blockchain technology can improve vital business processes in many sectors, but particularly when it comes gambling operators. We also care deeply about regulatory compliance as well as player protection.”

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