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Simplebet to provide “micro-betting” products to Caesars

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Simplebet has agreed a deal with Caesars to provide its “micro-betting” products across Caesars’ sportsbook.

Under the deal, Caesars will have access to Simplebet “micro-betting” markets for the NFL, NBA, college football and basketball and MLB. These markets mostly cover bets on the next play of a game, or other similarly fast-resolving bets.

“Forging a partnership with an iconic brand and leader in sports betting such as Caesars accentuates that micro-betting is becoming an emerging feature of the betting landscape and a must-have offering for any major sportsbook,” Simplebet chief executive Chris Bevilacqua said.

“Micro-betting has transformed the way fans, operators and media companies view live sporting events and we’re thrilled to work with such a dynamic partner to accelerate its widespread adoption.

Caesars Digital president Eric Hession said he knew that Caesars customers were excited about the ability to bet on markets such as the result of the next play.

“Play-by-play betting is an innovation we know our customers want access to,” he said. “We’re excited to enhance our product experience by bringing customers close to sports, teams and athletes they love than ever before at a time when the sports calendar is packed with marquee events.”

Micro-betting has also been a focus for startup operator Betr, which was co-founded by SimpleBet co-founder Joey Levy and social media influencer Jake Paul.

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