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Napoleon Sports & Casino joins EGBA’s Cybersecurity expert group

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The Napoleon Sports & Casino, owned by Superbet, has joined the newly formed cybersecurity expert group of European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA).

This operator, which is based in Belgium, will be the first outside the EGBA membership list to join this group. The goal of the group is to encourage industry collaboration on cybersecurity.

The trade association launched the organization in March 2022. It provides a platform where operators can exchange knowledge, collaborate to identify online threats, fix potential vulnerabilities, and implement best practice.

Tom de Clercq, the executive director of Napoleon Sports & Casino in New York City described player safety and trust as “Napoleon’s strategic priority”.

Priorities for Strategic Development

He said that ensuring the safety of data was a crucial element in achieving this goal. In today’s complex, interconnected and increasingly sophisticated online gambling world, a coordinated approach is needed to both prevent and counter cyber attacks.

Napoleon described cybersecurity as an important priority

Napoleon joined EGBA’s cybersecurity expert group in order to share best practices, and to help develop initiatives that will combat online threats. This includes providing a secure entertainment environment for players.

The body, which is supported by a Memorandum of Understanding, consists of cybersecurity experts, some of whom are EGBA Members, from a variety of European gaming operators. All operators operating in the EU are eligible to join, as long as they adhere to the cybersecurity principles of the organization.

Maarten Haijer, EGBA Secretary-general Maarten Haijer stated that the association is “delighted” with the addition of Napoleon to its industry group for cybersecurity. He noted in particular Napoleon’s experience on the Belgian market.

He said that the group was a great way for operators to exchange information about cyber-threats and vulnerabilities, and to contribute to an industry-wide approach to cybersecurity. If interested operators wish to join the group, they should contact us.

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