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Casinos Austria GGR reaches EUR 1,48bn in FY23, with Lottery leading the charge.

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The gross gaming revenues (GGRs) of Casinos Austria for 2023 were EUR1.48bn ($1.60bn/PS1.27bn), an increase by 4.4% annually, thanks to its Lottery segment.

Lottery’s GGR increased by 1.5% in 2023 to EUR946.8m. Casinos Austria alone saw a GGR increase of 15.8%, to EUR304.5m. Casinos Austria International also brought in EUR212.1m.

The consolidated profit was EUR182.8m in the past year, an increase of 18.3%. Casinos Austria has two business segments. GGR for sports betting operator Tipp3 (in which Austrian Lotteries holds a 56% share) fell by 2.7%. Group noted 2023 was a year with no major sporting events.

WINWIN, a video lottery terminal company, saw its GGR rise by 3.3% on an annual basis.

In 2023 the group paid EUR724m more in taxes and duty than it did in 2022, a 4.8% increase. Casinos Austria stated that it confirms their position as one of the biggest taxpayers in Austria. The gaming-related tax revenue grew by 2.3%, to EUR612.0m.

The biggest jump in the past year was a result of combining other taxes, duties, and contributions to social security, all of which increased 20.5%, or EUR112.0m.

Martin Skopek said that Casinos Austria had done well despite an “economically difficult environment” caused by the Covid-19 epidemic.

He said that despite the economic challenges of recent years, he had managed to make a profit with a 2023 entertainment offer.

The realignment plan, which began in 2020, is already paying off.

The commitment and expertise of our staff has enabled us to successfully navigate the path we’ve chosen. We are now well-prepared for the future challenges.

Paying off realignment strategy

The board of Casino Austria agreed that the restructure plan would be implemented in July 2020, following a suggestion from the management team. The plan outlined plans for cost reductions of over EUR40m, and a major decrease in employee numbers. According to a report in the Austrian Kurier, 500 people could be laid off.

The move was described by the then chief executive Bettina Glasz-Kremsner as “the biggest reorganization in the history” of the company.

It also sought to reduce costs through a reduction in personnel and materials expenses, and by conducting efficiency audits of the casino’s operations.

Erwin van Lambaart said that the results of 2023 show the commitment of Casinos Austria to focus on its operations for the customers.

He said: “Looking back at the last financial year, I am proud. Once again, the Casinos Austria Group and Austrian Lotteries Group have achieved a balance that is positive and has also contributed significantly to the federal budget.” This balance sheet confirms our commitment to focusing even more on the value of the company and what we can offer customers and guests, particularly in the period following Corona.

A new tendering process is coming.

Van Lambaart confirmed that a tendering process would take place to restore Austria’s licensing compliance.

“… We are going to the New Year with confidence and our main goal is to regain the Austrian licenses in lotteries, online casinos, as well as for the casino industry. There is currently no tender, but the company will still apply for the licenses.

Casinos Austria currently operates on licenses set to expire between 2027 and 2030. The new licensing process is not yet known.

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