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Sibella, former MGM executive, gets probation and a $9.500 fine for money laundering

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Scott Sibella, wearing a navy jacket and with a somber expression on his face, apologized. Dolly M Gee, US District Judge, sentenced Sibella a few minutes later to 12 months of probation, $9,500 in fines, and $100 as a special assessment. Sibella was now cleared of all legal charges in connection with the illegal gambling ring led by Wayne Nix.

Sibella received her sentence late on Wednesday in the US District Court of the Central District of California.

It was a quick and drama-free event. Sibella, who was employed at MGM Grand, was found guilty on one count for failing to submit a report of suspicious activity. In exchange for the casino marker, Nix (a well-known illegal bookmaker) gave him $120,000.

Sibella was the first person to receive a sentence in the vast federal investigation surrounding Nix. She stood with her head slightly bent during the 18 minute sentencing.

He said: “I’m sorry to my family, friends and the gambling industry.” This crime has turned the tables on my life and I am looking forward to moving forward. “I promise that you will not see me back in court again for this crime.”

Sibella’s good record was a great help to him

Maximum sentence is 5 years imprisonment and $250,000 in fines. Gee agreed to the lower recommendation, citing Sibella’s contribution to the community and the fact that the man had no previous criminal record.

Gee stated that these circumstances significantly reduced the guidelines for sentencing by four levels. Sibella was sentenced only to a year of probation, the lowest amount she could be given. The highest fine is $9,500.

Sibella chose not to speak to the few media members present after the sentence. Jeffrey Rutherford spoke to the media off-the-record. Sibella’s attorneys shared an email from Sibella.

Sibella stated, “I am relieved that this case has been resolved and I accept the conditions imposed by the court today.” As I said during this investigation, i regret the hurt this has caused to my family members and friends. I am grateful to those who have chosen stand by me through these trying times.

The decision to plead guilty to the one charge of failing to submit a suspicious activities report (SAR), at MGM Resorts, in 2017, wasn’t easy to make given the facts and reality in the case. From the beginning, I was accused of not filing a suspicious activity report (SAR). I accepted a guilty plea and took full responsibility for my actions. “I want to emphasize that I have not benefited in any way from the allegations, whether it is personal, professional, or financial.”

Gee stated that she received an unprecedented 81 letters assuring Sibella of her character.

She said, “I can’t remember ever receiving so many supportive letters.”

Federal investigation catches ex-Ohtani interpreter, too

Both the Department of Justice, and Sibella accepted the recommendation of the US Probation Office.

Sibella is also required to perform 200 hours community service in addition to the probation and fine. She must also agree to not break any laws.

The US Attorney’s Office announced that Ippei Mzuhara, two hours prior to Sibella’s sentencing was pleading guilty to bank fraud charges and subscribing a false return.

Mizuhara, the former interpreter of baseball player Shohei Ohtani, is accused by authorities of transferring $17m to an illegal betting site from Ohtani’s account.

Both cases stem from an investigation by the federal government into the illegal gambling ring Nix in Southern California. Mizuhara bet with an unlicensed bookmaker, believed to be Mathew BOWYER. Rutherford, however, said the link ended there.

Rutherford stated in writing that “Mr Sibella was not involved in Mathew’s bookmaking and had nothing to do with Ippei, who used to be Shohei Ohtani’s interpreter.”

Timeline of events, details

Sibella’s life began to change last autumn, after he learned that he had been investigated by Resorts World. Sibella pleaded guilty to the federal investigation in December last year.

Sibella, according to the plea agreement he signed, “was aware of Nix’s illegal bookmaking activity” that began in August 2017 and earlier. Sibella gave Nix “luxury benefits” and allowed him to keep gambling.

In the plea, it is revealed that Sibella knew that Nix placed $5m on Super Bowl bets with associates in January 2019 The plea reveals that Sibella was aware of Nix’s $5m bet on the Super Bowl in January 2019.

According to the plea, Sibella claimed that he had “heard” Nix work in the business of bookings. Sibella was “unable to figure out” how Nix had the amount of money that he used for gambling. Sibella claimed he did not want to admit the problem.

Sibella’s legal journey was short. On 27 December 2023, he entered into a plea bargain and received his sentence less than five month later.

Sibella stated in her plea agreement, “I did not want to find out because of my job.” In this industry [bookies], they’re a dime-a-dozen…I stay away from it. We can’t let them gamble if we find out. I did not ask. “I didn’t ask, I suppose. He wasn’t trying to defraud the casino.”

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