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The 9 best sportsbook software providers

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TheGamblest offers another helpful article on sports betting. This article will inform you, as an operator about the top sportsbook platforms.

To keep up with industry advancements, many sportsbook providers are looking for the most reliable and leading sportsbook software suppliers.

It can still be difficult to choose the best sportsbook, especially with the wide range of options available and because not all B2Bs offer the same quality. We will look at some of the key things you need to consider when choosing a sportsbook service provider in order to have a successful and smooth development for your business. Let’s first understand what sportsbook software providers are and how they can benefit operators.

A sportsbook software supplier is what?

A sportsbook supplier offers operators an online platform or virtual solution that allows users to easily access entertainment and sporting events from a central location. Users can make wagers, access the odds and earn rewards through this platform.

A sportsbook provider can be defined as a company or organisation that creates and provides immersive and cutting-edge sportsbook software for operators. This allows them to directly interact with their customers. A good software provider can provide a simple and complete platform for bettors.

What does sportsbook software provide?

Software sportsbook suppliers offer a wide range of platforms to meet the needs of operators. They can provide a sportsbook that is ready to go or tailor one to meet your needs. The customized solution can be adapted to different jurisdictions and ensures a powerful, data-based and user-friendly option for increasing profit and fostering business growth.

Sportsbook software is available from a wide range of providers. They enable operators to offer customers a seamless and engaging betting experience. These are some of the most important features you should look out for.

  • Dynamic Live Betting – Experience the thrill of real-time betting. This feature is highly demanded in betting sports solutions. Bet on live games to enhance the excitement of betting.
  • Virtual Sports: Immerse yourself in 24/7 virtual sports simulations–computer-generated replicas of actual sporting events. You can bet on virtual sports ranging from horseracing and football to basketball. This provides a constant and diverse wagering environment.
  • Real-time odds updates: Keep informed by receiving instantaneous updates on the odds of selected sporting events. The most recent data is used to help players make informed wagering decisions.
  • Customized Odds Feeds – You can customize your feeds according to the needs of your users. Operators can use this flexibility to retain and attract users, by providing odds more competitive than their competitors.
  • Tools for Effective Risk Management: Arm yourself with the essential tools of risk management to mitigate and navigate potential exposures. Operators can identify risks and take action quickly with automated alerts and detailed risk reports.
  • Sportsbook Software Providers Offer Enhanced Analytics Tools: These tools include player tracking, betting pattern analysis, and risk management. The tools allow operators to take data-driven, informed decisions and improve their business.
  • Measures to prevent fraud: This is crucial for software providers of sportsbooks in order to maintain the integrity and safety of their platform. These measures are designed to detect and stop unauthorized transactions and access. They also prevent malicious activity.

The best sportsbook software on the market

Currently, there are many prominent gaming suppliers who offer highly demanded content. It can be difficult to choose the right company from all of the options available. We have created a list to help operators make an informed choice. They have built a solid reputation in the iGaming industry through exceptional service and dedication to delivering top-notch services.

NOTE. Find more options for sportsbook software providers in our B2B Directory.

1. WA.Technology

Wa.Sports, backed by WA.Technology Group suggests the best path to take for sportsbook content and software. WA.Sports can help operators launch a sportsbook business, whether they want a fully customizable platform or a standalone integration. The flexibility of the platform allows users to create a unique betting experience.

The iGaming products are completely customizable, giving individuals the chance to create their own entertainment company, including a casino, sportsbook or fantasy poker. WeAreGame offers a turnkey or white-label solution to help kickstart a venture.

WA.Sports’ made-to measure sports betting platform provides custom-branded, unique products. One simple integration allows for an immersive experience that includes more than 100,000 pre-match events and 70,000+ real live matches across different sports, virtual sports and eSports.

WA.Technology offers iGaming solutions and platforms that integrate mobile, online, and retail. WA.Platform is a fully customisable platform that features over 75 gaming content providers, more than 6400 titles and 80+ currencies and payment options across the WA.Casino.WA.Sports.WA.Fantasy.WA.Lottery.and WA.Poker.verticals.

2. Kambi

Kambi has become the leading supplier of technology and services for the global gaming and betting market. Kambi is trusted by more than 40 operators in many different countries. It not only provides top-tier betting practices, but it also encourages individuality and partner advancement through its data base platform and adaptable technology.

Operators can take full control of frontend odds and the entire system by utilizing Kambi’s vast array of tools. Kambi’s unique capabilities have earned it a reputation as a company that propels visionary sportsbooks worldwide to success.

Kambi offers comprehensive solutions that cover many areas, such as compliance and risk management. These solutions are all built on a proprietary, complex software platform that ensures seamless delivery and efficiency to valued clients.

3. BtoBet

As a prominent member of Neogames, SportsBettingSoftware.com is a leading B2B sports betting software supplier. It is committed to providing excellence and equipping partners with the best tech solutions. This will empower them to offer engaging practices to users within regulated markets.

BtoBet has four strategically placed offices, and more than 150 highly-skilled employees to provide its partners with the best service possible. The company is active in more than 45 countries, which shows its influence and reach within the industry.

BtoBet’s mission is to provide world-class service to iGaming providers, ensuring that they can access high-quality technology advancements. BtoBet’s mission is to provide its partners with a captivating experience while still adhering the the regulations of the market they are operating in.

4. SportingTech

Sportingtech is a leading provider of gaming software, with a focus on both sportsbook and casino offerings. They are known for their cutting edge sports betting software, which offers a wide range of choices. There are over 100 different sports to choose from in 1300+ locations. In addition to this extensive sports content portfolio, the company is proud to offer a wide range of casino games, including over 9500 titles.

Sportingtech does not limit themselves to only traditional sports, but also offers a wide range of virtual alternatives, and eSports that are constantly expanding, to meet the changing preferences of its users. The platform also offers a variety of payment options, which ensures seamless transactions.

Sportingtech’s dedication to adaptability can be seen in their seamless integration of numerous services from third parties, which are tailored to the specific needs of each partner. The approach solidifies Sportingtech’s position as a collaborative and reliable gaming platform provider.

5. Genius Sports

Genius Sports is a leading provider of online and sports betting technology. Genius Sports, a business with a rich history that spans more than 20 years and which operates across several jurisdictions, is a leading force in this sector.

They have a long history of delivering a sportsbook system that is highly sought after, giving users complete control over every important variable. They facilitate the seamless integration of both data coming from in-house oddsmakers and those that are third party.

Genius Sports offers cutting edge platforms and technologies that empower sports leagues. They offer league management software, broadcasting capability, and media-software, which allows leagues to organize and promote their events efficiently. Its partnerships are a testament to its success. The company has served over 400 organizations from 150 different countries with sports technology offerings that meet their needs.

6. Gaming Innovation Group (GIG)

GIG is a renowned provider of iGaming platforms and sportsbooks. It specializes in delivering innovative solutions to both its partners and customers. They are committed to global expansion of iGaming, sports betting and a commitment to innovative services. The company is an authorized market expert, which allows for compliant entry in over 35 locations.

Their prowess is based on a powerful iGaming Platform designed to be scalable, user-centric, and open. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing partners’ technologies and third-party preferred services. It offers a tailored user experience via a set of marketing tools and real-time data. A unique feature is the ability to create automated rules tailored for each partner without coding expertise.

Their omnichannel solutions, which emphasize flexibility and the customer experience, empower partners to improve players’ interaction with the platform. They give them the freedom and control to choose when, where and how to engage. GIG’s features include a single point of registration for both online and retail casinos. They also have a shared wallet and loyalty program that spans across the two sites.

7. Betradar

Betradar, a leading bookmaker on the global scale, offers a wide range of betting options that cover more than 50 sports. Betradar, as one of the top suppliers in the betting industry, caters to over 900 customers across 120+ different locations.

Betradar provides its clients with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the sports betting industry.

Betradar, as the leading B2B turnkey provider in the world, has established certain standards that its operators must adhere to. The company’s extensive solution portfolio allows it to effectively address the needs and preferences for the sports betting market in international markets.

8. NuxGame

NuxGame is a leading player in the iGaming and sportsbook industry. It has played a major role in this sector since it was founded in 2018. The software company has been delivering cutting-edge sports betting and casino solutions to its clients across various markets around the world.

One of their many offerings is an API that allows a website to offer a customized sportsbook for a wide range of sporting events. This includes over 70,000 each month. They also offer a casino platform with a wide range of content from over 120 game providers.

NuxGame provides a user-friendly platform solution that allows sportsbooks to offer a variety of platforms tailored for brick-and mortar and online business needs. Cutting-edge technology from the provider can create a sportsbook that is pre-configured or tailored precisely to meet your requirements.

The customized solution is easily adaptable to meet the requirements of any jurisdiction. It provides a data-driven and user-friendly way to jumpstart your revenue streams.

9. NSoft

NSoft offers sportsbook software to both bookmakers and casinos. NSoft, a tier one provider of iGaming products and services with a wide range of offerings, is known for its vast product offering. It has a solid reputation in the industry for its player-centric software and strong commitment to solutions.

The sportsbook is a highly innovative software that ensures all users receive an excellent experience on any channel, whether it’s web, mobile or in-store. The sportsbook software is designed to meet the needs of all casino markets, and provides a wide range of features.

NSoft’s Sportsbook Platform covers niche betting and global sports with over 40 live sports. It also offers 550 leagues of football, over 890,000.000 events per year. With 890,000 events pre-match, the platform helps to increase user numbers, profits, and casino platforms. NSoft’s sportsbook is built to help operators stay competitive in the market, regardless of whether they are established or brand new.

Features to Look for When Choosing a Sportsbook Software Provider

No matter if you are a newbie or an experienced operator, selecting a software provider for your sportsbook requires careful analysis and study of many factors. In order to help new operators succeed in the sportsbook industry, we have separated out key features that you should look for.

  • Sports and Betting Odds: Reputable betting platforms offer a wide range of sporting events and sports to suit the tastes of their customers. Leading betting platforms offer a variety of games, including popular basketball and soccer leagues. They also include baseball, rugby and horse racing.
  • Jurisdiction and Licensing– In order to ensure that a sportsbook provider is trustworthy, you should verify the licensing status. You must have a license to legally offer sports betting and you need to partner with providers who are licensed in the region where your product will be offered. The first ever green flag to be awarded in the iGaming sector, it signifies that an operator is trustworthy and fair. Read our article to learn more about the application process for gambling licenses.
  • Bookmaker bonuses – Like online casinos, Sportsbook sites entice users to their websites with a variety of bonuses. These include welcome bonuses that offer free credit, match bonuses and profit increases, among others. The offers are attractive and may be enticing to players. A B2B provider with a large bonus engine is a great choice for sportsbooks.
  • Support – A 24/7 service that provides comprehensive and fast support via phone, live chat, or email is essential.
  • It is important to ensure that the bookmaker you choose has a valid license. Some platforms might not place a high priority on security, or offer odds that are mediocre. It is important to choose a B2B that has been authorized to ensure a trustworthy and safe wagering experience. Prioritize also user security, privacy and software safety. Select providers who integrate risk management systems that protect customers’ information and data.
  • Improved Payment Support: When you expand your business abroad, it can be difficult to manage payments. We recommend choosing a sportsbook provider who offers a complete payment system. Search for a sportsbook solution provider that offers a comprehensive payment system, including a secure and trending payment gateway, finance risk management software, multiple currency support, and many other features. A payment gateway will simplify your business and allow for seamless global transactions. Check out our article on the best payment options for casinos.


Which are the most important red flags you should consider when choosing a provider of sportsbook services?

It’s important to look out for red flags when choosing a company that provides sports betting software. The red flags include a lack in licensing or regulation, poor user support, payment delays, unreliability, and an established history of fraud. Avoid providers who display these signs.

Why betting software is essential

The betting software is the basis of a comprehensive sports betting service. Nearly every sports betting website relies on betting software in some way, whether it’s for the interface of the bookmaker, to calculate betting odds or provide Live In-Play information, with live streaming integrated.

Which B2B sportsbook software is best?

The market changes constantly to meet the needs and preferences of the bettors. GIG and Kambi, however, are often considered as the top providers of user-friendly website navigations and accurate odds. Betradar, on the other hand stands out as one of the market leaders in providing live data. The industry dynamics will continue to evolve as consumer preferences and needs change.

When setting up a casino, choosing the best sportsbook provider is crucial. These providers are the basis for success. There has been a remarkable growth in the iGaming sector, which led to the emergence a few renowned brands to cater to operators’ diverse needs. We have covered the most important factors when choosing a software supplier, but evaluating all the factors is still difficult.

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