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ASSYST is a global services company with offices in Sterling, VA, Cupertino, CA, and Edison, NJ, as well as global offices in Kochi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, India. With over 700 employees worldwide, we have a successful track record of providing business and technology consulting, managed services, and BPO to a range of clients, including Federal, State, and Local Governments, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Our team of experienced software professionals and support staff are passionate about excellence in software development. They work diligently to achieve our goal of being “The One Point Source” (TOPS) for all our customers’ computing needs.

We understand the importance of highly experienced and technically skilled employees in ensuring operational efficiency and productivity. With over 17 years of experience in the IT industry, we have the resources and capability to meet our clients’ IT needs.

We have a responsible business attitude and work closely with our clients to continuously assess the performance of our resources and ensure full integration with their organization. Our clients benefit from the ability to build a flexible enterprise that can quickly respond to change and seize new opportunities, thanks to our highly skilled workforce and advanced technology.


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